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Open Access to SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 Technical Papers

Until the commencement of SIGGRAPH Asia 2015, the SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 Technical Papers will be available online for free through the open access links below. These links will only work when launched from SIGGRAPH.org.

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TOG 33(6) - SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 Special Issue - in the ACM Digital Library.

Jump to Session: Paintings Sketches & Buildings, Light in Light OutSmash and Stretch, Displays Reflectance and Texture, Moving Pictures, Data in Surface Out, Scenes Syntax Statistics and Semantics, 3D Printing, Character Animation, Capturing Everything, Vectors and Shaders, Digital Photography

SESSION: Paintings, sketches and buildings

Autocomplete painting repetitions

Jun Xing, Hsiang-Ting Chen, Li-Yi Wei

BiggerPicture: data-driven image extrapolation using graph matching

Miao Wang, Yu-Kun Lai, Yuan Liang, Ralph R. Martin, Shi-Min Hu

Sketch classification and classification-driven analysis using Fisher vectors

Rosália G. Schneider, Tinne Tuytelaars

Data-driven segmentation and labeling of freehand sketches

Zhe Huang, Hongbo Fu, Rynson W. H. Lau

ConstructAide: analyzing and visualizing construction sites through photographs and building models

Kevin Karsch, Mani Golparvar-Fard, David Forsyth

SESSION: Light in, Light Out

A framework for transient rendering

Adrian Jarabo, Julio Marco, Adolfo Muñoz, Raul Buisan, Wojciech Jarosz, Diego Gutierrez

Improved sampling for gradient-domain metropolis light transport

Marco Manzi, Fabrice Rousselle, Markus Kettunen, Jaakko Lehtinen, Matthias Zwicker

Residual ratio tracking for estimating attenuation in participating media

Jan Novák, Andrew Selle, Wojciech Jarosz

A framework for the experimental comparison of solar and skydome illumination

Joseph T. Kider, Jr., Daniel Knowlton, Jeremy Newlin, Yining Karl Li, Donald P. Greenberg

Rendering volumetric haptic shapes in mid-air using ultrasound

Benjamin Long, Sue Ann Seah, Tom Carter, Sriram Subramanian

SESSION: Meshing Surfaces, and Meshing

Anisotropic simplicial meshing using local convex functions

Xiao-Ming Fu, Yang Liu, John Snyder, Baining Guo

Dual strip weaving: interactive design of quad layouts using elastica strips

Marcel Campen, Leif Kobbelt

Level-of-detail quad meshing

Hans-Christian Ebke, Marcel Campen, David Bommes, Leif Kobbelt

Strict minimizers for geometric optimization

Zohar Levi, Denis Zorin

SESSION: Smash and Stretch

Fast and exact continuous collision detection with Bernstein sign classification

Min Tang, Ruofeng Tong, Zhendong Wang, Dinesh Manocha

Co-constrained handles for deformation in shape collections

Mehmet Ersin Yumer, Levent Burak Kara

Local barycentric coordinates

Juyong Zhang, Bailin Deng, Zishun Liu, Giuseppe Patanè, Sofien Bouaziz, Kai Hormann, Ligang Liu

Robust iso-surface tracking for interactive character skinning

Rodolphe Vaillant, Gäel Guennebaud, Loïc Barthe, Brian Wyvill, Marie-Paule Cani

Skinning cubic Bézier splines and Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces

Songrun Liu, Alec Jacobson, Yotam Gingold

SESSION: Displays, Reflectance and Texture

Toward BxDF display using multilayer diffraction

Genzhi Ye, Sundeep Jolly, V. Michael Bove, Jr., Qionghai Dai, Ramesh Raskar, Gordon Wetzstein

Improving visual quality of view transitions in automultiscopic displays

Song-Pei Du, Piotr Didyk, Frédo Durand, Shi-Min Hu, Wojciech Matusik

Appearance-from-motion: recovering spatially varying surface reflectance under unknown lighting

Yue Dong, Guojun Chen, Pieter Peers, Jiawan Zhang, Xin Tong

AppIm: linear spaces for image-based appearance editing

Francesco Di Renzo, Claudio Calabrese, Fabio Pellacini

Local random-phase noise for procedural texturing

Guillaume Gilet, Basile Sauvage, Kenneth Vanhoey, Jean-Michel Dischler, Djamchid Ghazanfarpour

SESSION: Moving Pictures

Temporally coherent local tone mapping of HDR video

Tunç Ozan Aydin, Nikolce Stefanoski, Simone Croci, Markus Gross, Aljoscha Smolic

Interactive intrinsic video editing

Nicolas Bonneel, Kalyan Sunkavalli, James Tompkin, Deqing Sun, Sylvain Paris, Hanspeter Pfister

TrackCam: 3D-aware tracking shots from consumer video

Shuaicheng Liu, Jue Wang, Sunghyun Cho, Ping Tan

Slippage-free background replacement for hand-held video

Fan Zhong, Song Yang, Xueying Qin, Dani Lischinski, Daniel Cohen-Or, Baoquan Chen

SESSION: Data in, Surface Out

Real-time shading-based refinement for consumer depth cameras

Chenglei Wu, Michael Zollhöfer, Matthias Nießner, Marc Stamminger, Shahram Izadi, Christian Theobalt

Robust surface reconstruction via dictionary learning

Shiyao Xiong, Juyong Zhang, Jianmin Zheng, Jianfei Cai, Ligang Liu

Morfit: interactive surface reconstruction from incomplete point clouds with curve-driven topology and geometry control

Kangxue Yin, Hui Huang, Hao Zhang, Minglun Gong, Daniel Cohen-Or, Baoquan Chen

Quality-driven poisson-guided autoscanning

Shihao Wu, Wei Sun, Pinxin Long, Hui Huang, Daniel Cohen-Or, Minglun Gong, Oliver Deussen, Baoquan Chen

SESSION: Newton's Garden

Windy trees: computing stress response for developmental tree models

Sören Pirk, Till Niese, Torsten Hädrich, Bedrich Benes, Oliver Deussen

SPGrid: a sparse paged grid structure applied to adaptive smoke simulation

Rajsekhar Setaluri, Mridul Aanjaneya, Sean Bauer, Eftychios Sifakis

A PPPM fast summation method for fluids and beyond

Xinxin Zhang, Robert Bridson

Yarn-level simulation of woven cloth

Gabriel Cirio, Jorge Lopez-Moreno, David Miraut, Miguel A. Otaduy

SESSION: Scenes, Syntax, Statistics and Semantics

Automatic semantic modeling of indoor scenes from low-quality RGB-D data using contextual information

Kang Chen, Yu-Kun Lai, Yu-Xin Wu, Ralph Martin, Shi-Min Hu

Imagining the unseen: stability-based cuboid arrangements for scene understanding

Tianjia Shao, Aron Monszpart, Youyi Zheng, Bongjin Koo, Weiwei Xu, Kun Zhou, Niloy J. Mitra

Structure completion for facade layouts

Lubin Fan, Przemyslaw Musialski, Ligang Liu, Peter Wonka

Creating consistent scene graphs using a probabilistic grammar

Tianqiang Liu, Siddhartha Chaudhuri, Vladimir G. Kim, Qixing Huang, Niloy J. Mitra, Thomas Funkhouser

SceneGrok: inferring action maps in 3D environments

Manolis Savva, Angel X. Chang, Pat Hanrahan, Matthew Fisher, Matthias Nießner

SESSION: 3D Printing

Approximate pyramidal shape decomposition

Ruizhen Hu, Honghua Li, Hao Zhang, Daniel Cohen-Or

Assembling self-supporting structures

Mario Deuss, Daniele Panozzo, Emily Whiting, Yang Liu, Philippe Block, Olga Sorkine-Hornung, Mark Pauly

Topology-constrained synthesis of vector patterns

Shizhe Zhou, Changyun Jiang, Sylvain Lefebvre

Appearance-mimicking surfaces

Christian Schüller, Daniele Panozzo, Olga Sorkine-Hornung

Creating works-like prototypes of mechanical objects

Bongjin Koo, Wilmot Li, JiaXian Yao, Maneesh Agrawala, Niloy J. Mitra

SESSION: Character Animation

Locomotion control for many-muscle humanoids

Yoonsang Lee, Moon Seok Park, Taesoo Kwon, Jehee Lee

Generating and ranking diverse multi-character interactions

Jungdam Won, Kyungho Lee, Carol O'Sullivan, Jessica K. Hodgins, Jehee Lee

MoSh: motion and shape capture from sparse markers

Matthew Loper, Naureen Mahmood, Michael J. Black

Leveraging depth cameras and wearable pressure sensors for full-body kinematics and dynamics capture

Peizhao Zhang, Kristin Siu, Jianjie Zhang, C. Karen Liu, Jinxiang Chai

SESSION: Capturing Everything

Automatic acquisition of high-fidelity facial performances using monocular videos

Fuhao Shi, Hsiang-Tao Wu, Xin Tong, Jinxiang Chai

High-quality capture of eyes

Pascal Bérard, Derek Bradley, Maurizio Nitti, Thabo Beeler, Markus Gross

Dynamic hair capture using spacetime optimization

Zexiang Xu, Hsiang-Tao Wu, Lvdi Wang, Changxi Zheng, Xin Tong, Yue Qi

Capturing braided hairstyles

Liwen Hu, Chongyang Ma, Linjie Luo, Li-Yi Wei, Hao Li

SESSION: Vectors and Shaders

Automatic shader simplification using surface signal approximation

Rui Wang, Xianjin Yang, Yazhen Yuan, Wei Chen, Kavita Bala, Hujun Bao

Deep shading buffers on commodity GPUs

Petrik Clarberg, Jacob Munkberg

Whippletree: task-based scheduling of dynamic workloads on the GPU

Markus Steinberger, Michael Kenzel, Pedro Boechat, Bernhard Kerbl, Mark Dokter, Dieter Schmalstieg

Massively-parallel vector graphics

Francisco Ganacim, Rodolfo S. Lima, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, Diego Nehab

Hierarchical diffusion curves for accurate automatic image vectorization

Guofu Xie, Xin Sun, Xin Tong, Derek Nowrouzezahrai

SESSION: Digital Photography

FlexISP: a flexible camera image processing framework

Felix Heide, Markus Steinberger, Yun-Ta Tsai, Mushfiqur Rouf, Dawid Pająk, Dikpal Reddy, Orazio Gallo, Jing Liu, Wolfgang Heidrich, Karen Egiazarian, Jan Kautz, Kari Pulli, 

Fast burst images denoising

Ziwei Liu, Lu Yuan, Xiaoou Tang, Matt Uyttendaele, Jian Sun

Spatial-spectral encoded compressive hyperspectral imaging

Xing Lin, Yebin Liu, Jiamin Wu, Qionghai Dai

Mirror mirror: crowdsourcing better portraits

Jun-Yan Zhu, Aseem Agarwala, Alexei A. Efros, Eli Shechtman, Jue Wang