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Defined by SIGGRAPH people and their attributes, ACM SIGGRAPH is proud to serve the SIGGRAPH community with activities and events held throughout the year. Beyond presenting two annual conferences, we also foster connection and information exchange through our chapters, communities and membership groups.


Offered through Student Services (S3), this program matches students and emerging professionals with industry professionals to offer guidance and insight into their chosen field. For more information on the mentorship program or to learn how to sign up, visit the S3 website.

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Rewarding careers in computer graphics and related industries are always available. maintains a directory of current openings. Many opportunities are entry-level positions, but most require some experience in creative and/or technical specialties.

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Our organization is governed and energized by volunteers with many more people involved with the planning and production of the two annual SIGGRAPH conferences. Capable, enthusiastic, and committed people who wish to contribute their vision, industry knowledge, and energy are always invited to volunteer and serve on a committee.


As a global non-profit, volunteer organization, committees provide valuable input and support the development of programs and other initiatives. Committees are essential for the smooth and efficient operations of our organization.


Get involved with ACM SIGGRAPH to connect with the community and help us grow globally. Through the year-round work of members with our programs, chapters and committees to make resources and benefits available, we are proud to represent the best of the computer graphics community.

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