SA '21: SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Computer Animation Festival

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

Ah les Crocodiles…

A little girl is released in the universe of a Pop-Up book tale managed by a crocodile who won't hesitate to have a discriminatory behavior against women.

Avant Card

Ernst is figure on a postcard, which is in a card stand with many other motives. While the other cards are eagerly bought, no one is interested in his card and Ernst becomes increasingly discontented. Almost he is also bought - but then he is put back crooked again. This brings his world into imbalance and he falls out. For him a colorful journey full of different styles of representation begins - whether 2D, 3D, Real film and Stop-motion.


A day full of socially awkward moments.

Barking Orders

After being bossed around by the royal guard his whole life, the Queen's corgi's luck changes when the entire British Royal family dies, leaving the corgi next in line for the throne. He takes charge of England with an iron fist, but when things get over his head, he finds himself panic-stricken, way in over his head with the future of Europe in his hands. When the guard finds him, he is able to talk the corgi down from the ledge but not without some unexpected, devastating consequences.

Company of Heroes 3 - cinematic trailer

The full CG trailer is an impression of the events during the occupation of the Italian territory by German troops. Building faithful models of the weapons and vehicles required the use of mapping. To give the viewer a sense of authenticity, we carried out mocap sessions and we used 3D scans of actors' silhouettes and faces to create the proper models. Every single element of the set - costumes, explosion, movement, and each facial expression was designed individually. All materials were prepared by our team. The customer was involved in the works on the script and was responsible for the final sound of the film.

Depths of night

Depth of Nights is created by hand-draw brush style in digital 2D animation with some 3D animation and Sand stop motion animation. We would like to create a new and significant visual style. In the storytelling, we use an interesting way to present the dream's world, the real life world and the daydreaming world. It is really an enormous challenge to plan the transitions of linking up those 3 different worlds together.

Julian Tuwim: To Everyman

To Everyman is a visual rendition of Julian Tuwim's poem of the same name and a manifesto seeking to expose the techniques and tactics of political propaganda. The film uncovers the array of manipulations that paint war as necessary and make it palatable for society. This animated short shows a never-ending circle and can be seamlessly looped. It begins with a spark igniting the conflict and seems to end with a remembrance of the fallen. If played continuously, however, the story simply moves to another hotbed of tension.

La Meute

After a harrassing day, Marion, a young woman in her twenties, recounts her story to a policeman, hoping to be unterstood. For her, the responsible one is part of the hounds. For him, she is the one responsible.

Les Larmes de la Seine

17 october 1961, "Algerian workers" get down the streets to manifest against the mandatory curfew imposed by the Police prefecture.

Monster Pets: a hotel Transylvania short

Drac's loveable, monster-sized puppy, Tinkles, has more energy than ever and just wants to play ball! Unfortunately, Drac is too busy juggling his hotel duties, so he is determined to find a monster pet companion for his huge furry friend. After a series of mismatches, Drac's plan is upended when Tinkles chooses a very unlikely companion!

Mum is Pouring Rain

Jane is a tenacious 8-years-old. Her mother Cécile, however, is going through a little depression. Jane thought they'd spend Christmas together, but instead she's sent to her Grandma's in the snowy countryside. Against all odds, her holidays turn out to be a real adventure. Jane meets new, unexpected friends, and learns that Life can be a feast, after all.

My Grandmother is an Egg

The animated short film is based on the director's grandmother's experience as a T'ung-yang-hsi. T'ung-yang-hsi is the traditional practice of pre-arranged marriage in East Asia, selling or giving a young girl to another family to be raised as a future daughter-in-law. The tradition has vanished for decades, but the patriarchal shadow still lingers.

Focusing on female issues, the film aims to reflect upon women's oppression and struggle for freedom. Trying to be true to the historical context, the narration is based on interviews with the director's grandmother's children, and research in feminism in animated short films at Royal College of Art in the United Kingdom during pre-production stage.

Egg is an important symbol in the film. As the metaphor of women in the film, eggs are the symbolization of the productive roles in the male-dominated society. After labor and oppression experienced by a T'ung-yang-hsi, the film reaches its climax with Hakka 'Old Mountain Song' combined with turbulent waves. Behind the rail track, there is the sea. Across the sea, therein lies freedom.

Except for 2D animation with hand-painted texture, this film contains multiple experimental practices, such as animating with eggs, egg white, and egg yolk. Digital cut-out animation, and paint on old photos. This film also contains historical archives, the Household Registration Transcript during the time of Taiwan under Japanese rule.

From microscopic to macroscopic, from personal witness to the general phenomenon in the society, audiences may glimpse the long past, imagine women's situation in our own times, and look forward to striving for gender equality in the future. The director hope audiences may gain fresh insight into the impact of social norms and power structures on our daily life.

Egg is life per se. Eggs are fragile, but at the same time tough. My grandmother is an egg.


A grandmother's plan for a day alone is upended.

Only a Child

Only a Child is a visual poem created by over 20 animation directors under the artistic supervision of Simone Giampaolo, which gives shape and colour to the original words spoken by Severn Cullis-Suzuki at the UN Summit in Rio in 1992, a child's desperate call to action for the future of our planet. An omnibus film celebrating the environmental youth movement 30 years in the making.

Resident Evil - Village

The animation provides a cinematic introduction, as well as an ending, to the latest game in the Resident Evil series. The film is a fairy-tale metaphor for the events from the game. The project was entirely created by Platige Image, from the initial concept and script, through character design, graphic design, and all stages of animation, to the final audio layer. The uniqueness of the project required us to adopt an unconventional work style. We did a lot of preparation related to texturing, shaders and lighting to make the final animation look like a paper cut-out with many layers. Also, to get an effect similar to a traditional shadow theater game, we decided to use stop-motion animation instead of the motion capture technique. Add to this unique mâché paper and cut-outs, from which we made the characters and scenography, and we have a dark story, which only seemed to be directed to children. Moreover, all characters in the film are original creations designed by the director and are the fairy-tale alter egos of the characters from of the cult game Resident Evil.

SKII - Kasumi Ishikawa 'VS Pressure

The main character of 'VS Pressure' is table tennis star, Kasumi Ishikawa. In a neon-lit futuristic city, plagued by questions, she must fight the most important battle of her career - against her self-doubt and social pressure. The animation is part of an anthology featuring the stories of six exceptional female medalists from various sports. The film is highly stylized and surreal. Producing such images requires improvisation, searching for new forms, and departing from photorealistic assumptions. While cheating the laws of physics in our animated film, we had to be careful not to make it look grotesque. It was a very artistic process based on close collaboration between animators and our director. We did not use Motion Capture Motion Capture techniques. We animated the characters using a "on twos" technique, based on methods known from classical animation. In combination with hand-animated 2D effects such as smoke, streaks, or sparks, we created a coherent, highly stylized image.

Twenty Something

Adulting can be hard.


Beirut, 1982. As Nicolas prepares to flee his hometown, torn apart by an endless civil war, he crosses the path of Naji, a reckless teenager determined to go to the Swimming Pool. Trying to protect the young man, Nicolas finds himself pulled into a surreal race against war, all for the mere freedom of going swimming.