Specialized Conferences

Partnering with other groups to sponsor, co-sponsor or grant in-cooperation status to specialized events, ACM SIGGRAPH welcomes the opportunity to provide expanded opportunities for learning, networking and collaboration. Including conferences, workshops, and other technical meetings, we are delighted to recognize specialized events that would be of interest to our community.

Types of Specialized Conferences


  • ACM SIGGRAPH is financially responsible for the event.


  • With one or more other organizations
  • ACM SIGGRAPH shares the financial responsibilities with the co-sponsoring organization(s).


  • ACM SIGGRAPH is not a financial sponsor or co-sponsor of these events, but the event is recognized as a serious professional conference or workshop with proceedings published by a reputable publisher. Request in-cooperation status here.

Organizing a Specialized Conference

A request for In-Cooperation, Sponsored, or Co-Sponsored status is administered by ACM and must be approved by the ACM SIGGRAPH Specialized Conferences Committee (SCC). The basic requirements are as follows:

  1. Conferences must be not-for-profit academic conferences. Submitted papers are refereed and the program chair and committee make publication decisions.
  2. Publications must be related to computer graphics or human-computer interaction, or an area that is interesting to a reasonable number of ACM SIGGRAPH members.
  3. For sponsored or co-sponsored events, proceedings should be made available or referenced via the ACM Digital Library.
  4. A financial summary of the event must be provided to ACM and ACM SIGGRAPH
  5. ACM SIGGRAPH and ACM members receive a discounted registration fee.

A complete list of requirements is available in the ACM Conference Manual.

After an event has obtained approval from ACM SIGGRAPH, the conference may promote that it is in-cooperation with or sponsored or co-sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH in all its publicity. This includes promotion in the Calendar of Events and in the monthly newsletter. 

Conference organizers are urged to read the ACM SIGGRAPH Specialized Conferences Handbook and refer to the ACM website for additional information.

Contact the Specialized Conferences Committee Chair for more information or support on Specialized Conferences.

Access to Sponsored Conference Content

Content from conferences sponsored or co-sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH is available for free in the ACM Digital Library for a one-month period that begins two weeks before each conference. Following this “free access” window, content is available at no cost in perpetuity exclusively through specialized conference open access links here.

Co-Located Conferences

Interested in co-locating with SIGGRAPH or SIGGRAPH Asia? Follow the standard process for a specialized conference and the required Co-Location Procedures. Options available for co-located conferences are included on the SIGGRAPH Co-location Space Request Form.

Conference Map and Calendar

View past SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia conferences by year and location.

Create a Specialized Conference

Planning an event that would be of interest to the computer graphics community?

Share with ACM SIGGRAPH members by requesting In-Cooperation, Sponsored, or Co-Sponsored status.