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Applications Open: 31 January, 2024 
Applications Close: April 30, 2024
Acceptances: May 30, 2024 

ACM SIGGRAPH offers support to new and existing members of the SIGGRAPH community whose potential career impact is recognized as extraordinary and who can demonstrate financial need to attend SIGGRAPH 2024. We most importantly intend to simultaneously highlight SIGGRAPH’s abiding recognition of the value that diversity from underrepresented groups brings to the CG/IT domains and its importance to their vibrancy and future positive impact to our communities and society. Underrepresented Community means a member of one or more of the communities of Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, 2SLGBTQIA+, or People with a long-term, intermittent, or recurring Disability (as defined under applicable CCF policies).


  1. Any ACM SIGGRAPH member number (professional or student) in the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques but not limited to, technology innovations, artistic production, education, societal services, leadership and/or broader impacts within those industries.
  2. Grantees may receive only one grant per conference year.
  3. Budget requests and reimbursement are subject to the ACM SIGGRAPH travel policies.
  4. These grants will be awarded to individuals from underrepresented communities in the CG/IT fields listed in ACM SIGGRAPH annual demographic surveys and questionnaires. Nominees from universities, NGO’s, industry, and governmental organizations including students, early career, industry, and academic professionals in the CG/IT domains will be considered and are encouraged to apply for travel grant support.


Submit a nomination single PDF package which includes a potential contribution statement of the candidate in expression of financial need to by April 30 2024 before 11:59 PM EST USA.

  1. How do you identify with underrepresented communities? (250 word limit) 
  2. Tell us about your personal experiences in supporting underrepresented communities (professionally, within CG/IT, or otherwise). What were the effects? (250 word limit) 
  3. How is your work conducive to diversity in ACM SIGGRAPH? (250 word limit) 
  4. Can you elaborate on your financial needs and how the grant would support your attendance at this year’s conference? (250 word limit) 
  5. Please include a 1-page Cover Letter (1,000-word limit)
  6. Please include 1-page C.V./resume
  7. Please include letters of recommendation (500-word limit) each due with application materials)


A selection committee of current ACM SIGGRAPH members will review all the nominations.  


All grantees will be selected by May 30 2024 and will be invited to attend SIGGRAPH 2024 in Denver, Colorado. Grantees will receive a Full Conference Pass in addition to receiving financial support reimbursing the documented cost of SIGGRAPH 2024 attendance.* Please note that included in the award is a one-year ACM SIGGRAPH Membership.


Any information supplied for the application must not be confidential and can be used for publicity purposes by ACM SIGGRAPH. Awardees permit ACM SIGGRAPH to use representative images of their work, member profiles, stories, subsequent activities in connection with the ACM SIGGRAPH community and organization, etc. for use in ACM SIGGRAPH publications, at conferences sponsored by ACM and/or ACM SIGGRAPH, or other publicity purposes.


ACM’s conflict-of-interest (COI) guidelines apply to all award nominations. The ACM SIGGRAPH Award Chair of the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee is responsible for ensuring the COI guidelines are followed and resolving any issues that cannot be resolved by the respective Award Committee Chair.