SA '22: Proceedings of the SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 Computer Animation Festival

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SESSION: Animation Theater

Ferme les Yeux

A heavy secret and oblivious parents.


The short film 'Apart' is a collaborative group project from the Master of Animation and Visualisation students at the University of Technology Sydney. The large scale project based learning is unusual for a university setting, and has been co-designed with the industry partner, one of Australia's leading 3D animation studios Animal Logic. Each year the students face creative and technical changes. With 'Apart' one of the more innovative approaches came when the students had to create a stop-frame style animation sequence using ever changing and intertwined sculptures. This is where the FX team under the supervision of the Visual Effects Lead Dylan Neill used Houdini to create a progressive FX sequence, rather than use expected animation techniques in Maya. The challenges such studio-style projects present to students develops their ability to become innovative problem-solvers when they enter industry.

Samara Op.4

An old automaton sculptor retraces his own life throughout the four seasons.

Synchronie Passagère

On his way for his important job interview, Noah runs out of gas. Left with no alternative, he has no choice but to embark with Katia, a tornado chaser.

À Bicyclette

The journey of an old man on a bicycle.

Fiesta Blood

An avenging piñata fights back against birthday party piñata murder.

Cold Lunch

The lunch bell rings at an elementary school and a flurry of arms grasp at brown paper bags. One Korean-American girl is surprised to find a tupperware full of Japchae noodles in her backpack when all her friends brought sandwiches. Feeling out of place, she conceals her noodles, but her lunch refuses to hide, instead transforming into a dragon made of noodles. Immediately, it is excited to meet everyone, flying out of the classroom at the sound of laughter. The girl desperately chases it down the hall and barely manages to trap the dragon in her lunchbox. When the dragon stops struggling, the girl carefully opens her lunchbox and the dragon looks up at her, hurt by her rejection. She apologizes, and the dragon forgives her. It lifts a compartment in her lunchbox lid to reveal three sets of chopsticks, as the food was made to be shared. The girl's face lights up with hope, and the dragon returns to its place in the lunch-box, becoming regular Japchae noodles. With newfound courage, the girl shows her lunch to her friends. Her friends are excited to see this new meal, and in the end, they share food and eat lunch together.


Enyo is a brave and daring warrior determined to bring back her dead mentor from Hell. In her quest, Enyo meets Cerberus and becomes friend with him.

Apocalypse Dog

In a post-apocalyptic universe, Bob and his dog Pasha survive in a wasteland. They are hungry, thirsty and tired. When suddenly, they see a city in the distance!

違禁品 Outlaw

The Motherly Love, woven between Struggle.

The most boring Granny in the whole world

Greta has the most boring grandma in the whole world. When she falls asleep on the sofa, Greta gets the idea to play "funeral" with her grandma. This confronts them with some questions they didn't ask themselves before. Because what remains when you have to leave life behind?

The Pope's Dog

Chaos occurs when the Pope's dog escapes in the Vatican.

SESSION: Electronic Theater

Samurai Frog Golf

Humans have vanished into whispered legend and animals have regained ownership of the land, sea and sky. Our story is about one particular frog:

Scarred inside and out, the old samurai is haunted by ghosts of a life of violence in the Frog Wars. He melts his sword into a golf club and vows never to kill again. A gruff, solitary creature, he wants nothing to do with any other living beast, and especially not his hated ancient enemies the Turtles. All he wants is to be left alone to spend his remaining years at peace on the golf course.

As fate would have it, one bad swing sets off a course of events that put him in the unwilling position of caring for a baby - but not just any baby, the infant prince of the turtle clan! Pursued by enemies old and new, our hero must set off on a long and dangerous journey to return the baby to his homeland. With his tamahage driver and his caddy, the sage but forgetful sugar-glider by his side, the trio travel across a vast and perilous land. Through the adventure, our hero must learn to overcome his own prejudice, forgive ancient enemies and himself, and heal the wounds of the past. If our hero is to reach his goal and find his own redemption, he must take this sage bit of advice from his caddy:

"To move forward, you must be like the turtle. He only progresses when he sticks out his neck."

Bon Appetit!

Bon Appetit! is a computer-animated musical short film all about Gus, a flashy snail who longs to become the star of the show --- no matter where or what it takes.

The goofy story starts when Gus accidentally arrives atop a box of produce in the kitchen of a high-end French Restaurant. Despite the potentially fatal implications, Gus breaks out into song, boldly declaring his dreams of becoming something greater in the style of classic Broadway musical numbers while dancing through surreal, food-filled set pieces of kitchenware and delectable ingredients. Will Gus's larger-than-life ambitions pan out? Or will his appetite for the spotlight cause his inevitable demise?

Iron Sail

Revenant was commissioned by Vietnam based company IRON SAIL, to create a cinematic CG trailer that would introduce their new website and strengthen their brand identity. The company houses a lot of different games, each with their own individual aesthetic. Our aim was to nest them under one sophisticated style that would unify the IRON SAIL umbrella, appealing to their user market and paving the way for future campaigns.


Animation 'Unforgotten' delivers the 'Comfort Women' survivors' trauma and horrible sexual violence that they experienced at 'Comfort Stations' through metaphorical and poetic 3D animation scenes breaking out of the media's typical way of depicting sexual violence and re-traumatizing survivors. It uses 3D animation techniques to create fairy-like visuals, so as not to perpetuate violent imagery and re-victimizing survivors in describing atrocious wartime sexual violence.

Going Well...

The deadline is approaching. Producer Park, who is in charge of closing, comes to the writer. The writer escapes to delusions and goes crazy due to the PD's pressure and stress of the deadline.

Cat and Moth

Firstly, we meet Ditto, a fluffy plump white cat. Unlike most other cats, who seem to be able to sleep anywhere, Ditto is very particular. The universe seems out to get her as she tries to find the most comfortable spot. Until she falls upon the most wonderful warm yellow cushion she's ever seen. No spot has ever been so comfortable. But little does she know a fuzzy winged intruder, Monty, has his eye on it too. Monty is by no way bashful in disturbing Ditto's slumber. He is inherently attracted to warm bright spots, but you'd think he'd stay loyal to the all-seeing light in the sky...but that cushion is goddamn comfy! Monty will go to any lengths to knock Ditto from that comfy spot, but at what consequence?

Period Drama

Our film, called Period Drama, is a Victorian-era tale about eleven-year-old Georgiana Crimsworth, who gets her first period before ever having gotten the talk. Partly based on personal experience, this story aims to get across the idea that at that age, this sort of situation really makes you feel like you're trapped in a gothic horror story.

Menstruation, and by extension women's health as a whole, isn't often discussed in popular media - and almost never in a medium like animation. Because of the implicit taboo that exists, there's still a lot of shame and ignorance that surrounds a period, when that certainly shouldn't be the case. Period Drama is our effort to address this, and hopefully make the subject easier to discuss, too.

The end of war

An anti-war short animation filmed with claymation techique.

Tear Off

A young bee must overcome her condition if she is to survive the DESTRUCTIVE HORNET that has invaded her hive. This adventure allows us to discover the dark side of a colony that is utopian at first glance. The film also explores the world of bees in more depth, with a story that highlights the fear of the unknown, of the dark, of claustrophobia, pushed in that by a macro camera which follows the character, in an alternative and frightening documented universe.

Edmond and Lucy

Meet Edmond and Lucy with their adventures in the forest!


One person is born out of his consciousness. He goes on a surreal internal journey to find out who he is. He awakens a butterfly in his heart, he sometimes shares his thoughts nd observes different parts and aspects of the world. In the end of the journey full of various emotions and ups and downs, nothing but death is waiting for him. But soon he realizes that this death is the true birth and transcendence. Beautiful enchanting colors and sounds fill in his world and his true self comes out to the world. His butterfly now flies freely in his colorful sky.

Reprise: English

A young girl is forced to share her family home with her abuser.


A Garrano horse is forced to pull a heavy load under a blazing sun; young boy Joel discovers a man who is about to set a forest on fire.

The End

After watching her gallant knight die before their wedding day and ending the film in tragedy, it is up to the determined princess Hilderose to take matters into her own hands and get back her Happily Ever After.

The Sprayer

The beauty is forbidden.

Sprite Fright

An 80's-inspired horror comedy, set in Britain.

Skull and Bones - Long Live Piracy Cinematic Trailer

The cinematic trailer for Skull and Bones tells a 'rags to riches' story about the destitute character Sam, finding his way from the streets of Boston, overcoming adversities and swashbuckling his way to become a pirate lord in the Indian Ocean. In order to tell the story which spans oceans, continents and time, Goodbye Kansas collaborated closely with DDB and Ubisoft Singapore to find the correct context, tone and tempo of the narrative as well as flesh out and develop the protagonist: Sam. The challenge was to show the hero's journey, as well as hint at the larger scope of the game's world and the possibilities it offers.

Crush On

On a desolate street in a long-neglected city. The moment of silence was broken after a runaway train crashed into a derelict apartment. Numerous ladies rushed out of the train, filter through the apartment, and break into every room unscrupulously. They interrupt the men who are alone in each room, which made the men overwhelmed and losing the ability to express their thoughts. The different rooms in the apartment symbolize the different feelings of the man, and its shapes construct the profile of the man. Back to the scene of reality, the man is deeply smitten with the lady.

P.S. At the moment I saw you, it is as though a train crash into my mind that I got a deranged mind.