ACM SIGGRAPH awards exceptional achievements

Each year, ACM SIGGRAPH presents nine awards recognizing exceptional achievements in computer graphics and interactive techniques at the ACM SIGGRAPH Conference. The selection process is the responsibility of seven committees and is supervised by the awards chair.

Awards Committee Chair

Jeff Jortner

Awards Committee
Term: Sept 2023 - Sept 2026


Current Recipients

Marie-Paule Cani

Aaron Hertzmann

For his pioneering work in non-photorealistic animation and rendering (NPR), image synthesis, character animation, computational photography and the interplay between computer generated and traditional art

Adriana Schulz

For her outstanding contributions to interactive 3D design tools for physical artifacts

Zachary Ferguson

For a dissertation which significantly extends the state of the art in physical simulation by presenting new groundbreaking methods to handle contacts in dynamic simulations of rigid and deformable objects

“Provably Robust and Accurate Methods for Rigid and Deformable Simulation with Contact”

Adele Newton

Newton Associates

For her long-term, visionary, and dedicated service to ACM SIGGRAPH

Tamiko Thiel

For her innovations in virtual and augmented reality art used to explore place, space, the body, and cultural memory.

F. Sebastian Grassia

For technical leadership of and contribution to Universal Scene Description

Mike Bailey

For his dedication to introducing the basics and joy of computer graphics to thousands of students and the SIGGRAPH conference attendees in a decades-long endeavor

Dinesh K. Pai

For groundbreaking contributions to animation using physics-based and data-driven simulation techniques

Baoquan Chen

For contributions to large-scale scene reconstruction, point-cloud processing, and shape design for manufacturing.

Ariel Shamir

For pioneering work in algorithms for image, video, and geometry processing that are driven by models of human perception

Jacki Morie

For pioneering contributions to the fusion of art with virtual reality and immersive technologies, and for advancing digital arts within the SIGGRAPH community

Mary Whitton

For contributions to programmable graphics systems and virtual reality, and for exemplary leadership in the SIGGRAPH community.