ACM SIGGRAPH produces and reviews several publications throughout the year to keep members informed and engaged. From the annual report to the conference content, we are proud to be involved in some of the latest developments in computer graphics and interactive techniques.  

Annual Reports

Each year, SIGGRAPH produces an annual report to provide insight into ACM SIGGRAPH and summarize our achievements in the past year. Annual reports dating back to 2001 are available on the Annual Reports page.

Digital Library

A collection of curated and full-text publications, this platform is your resource for research and discovery. Access publications from ACM, select publishers as well as the ACM Guide to Computing Literature.

ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Content

ACM Digital Library content from conferences sponsored or co-sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH or published by ACM is available for free in the ACM Digital Library for a one-month period that begins at the start of the conference.

Following this one-month “free access” window, the content is available at no cost in perpetuity, exclusively through the links on the page below.

ACM SIGGRAPH members always have free access to SIGGRAPH-sponsored materials in the ACM Digital Library.


Celebrating the latest voices in computer graphics and interactive techniques, the ACM SIGGRAPH Blog brings you insights, interviews and authors with unique perspectives on the industry.


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CACM Research Highlights

Papers on computer graphics and interactive techniques can be nominated for the Research Highlights (RH) column in Communications of the ACM (CACM). Anyone in the graphics research community may nominate papers.

Preparing a publication for the next SIGGRAPH conference?

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Conference Papers Publications Proposal for SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia Conferences

This new proposed Conference Papers program aims to provide a high-quality publication venue that brings the workload of publishing a graphics and interactive techniques paper in line with other top quality conferences, as well as to diversify the topics we publish in graphics and interactive techniques. Being distinct from the Technical Papers program, the most significant difference is that Technical Papers are journal articles published in ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) and in the ACM Digital Library, while the new Conference Papers will be published as conference papers in the form of “SIGGRAPH Conference Proceedings” solely in the ACM Digital Library.