Logo and Branding Guidelines

ACM SIGGRAPH’s unified graphic identity strengthens the organization’s name and image via a distinctive mark applied consistently throughout all of our events, publications, and activities. The ACM SIGGRAPH organization logo and the ACM SIGGRAPH annual conference logo are registered trademarks of the Association for Computing Machinery, Inc. (ACM) These logos are valuable legal and intellectual assets, and their unauthorized use is prohibited.

Our logo use policy describes the logo in clear terms and defines general classes of acceptable and prohibited use. It does not attempt to define every imaginable use of the logo, but it provides a clear path to seek approval for variations on the standard logo and its permitted variations.

Logo Design

The basic ACM SIGGRAPH logo consists of two parts: the graphic element and the text element.

The graphic element is a pair of interlocking partial spheres (see below). The space between the two pieces forms a stylized “S,” alluding to the “S” in the SIGGRAPH. The partial spheres can be represented in either two or three dimensions.

ACM SIGGRAPH Organization Logo


The text element’s content may vary by application (for example, ACM SIGGRAPH or SIGGRAPH 2022), but it must be set in a specific font: Helvetica Neue and Helvetica Neue Bold. And the proportion of the text size to the graphic element should remain the same. “SIGGRAPH” is bold, and “ACM” or the conference year is not bold. No space is used between “ACM” and “SIGGRAPH,” or between “SIGGRAPH” and the conference year, as the use of differing typeface weights implies a space.

Groups associated with the organization or annual conference that use the logo should follow the appropriate example, above, when preparing a text element for their specific logo.

The graphic and text elements may be arranged side by side (see below) or with the graphic element centered above the text element (see above).

Variations on ACM SIGGRAPH Organization Logo

Proper Design Use and Exceptions

Proper use of the logo will incorporate both the graphic and text elements. It is understood, however, that certain uses of the logo preclude the inclusion of the text element. For example, use of the logo on a pin or badge, or on the spine of a book may necessitate the use of the graphic element alone. Wherever possible, however, the graphic and text elements should be used together.

Color, Texture, and Background

The ACM SIGGRAPH organization logo shall use the following colors:

  • Red
    • Pantone 201 CVC
    • HEX #9D2235
    • RGB 157, 34, 53
  • Blue
    • Pantone 646 C
    • HEX #5E8AB4
    • RGB 94, 138, 180
  • The text element shall be grey
    • Pantone Cool Gray 8 CVC
    • HEX #888B8D
    • RGB 136, 139, 141

SIGGRAPH Conferences:
Conference Logo Guidelines

Naming Convention

  • SIGGRAPH year (i.e. SIGGRAPH 2021)
  • SIGGRAPH Asia year (i.e. SIGGRAPH Asia 2021)

Logo Lock-Up Structure

  • SIGGRAPH swoosh on the left
  • Conference Name to the right of the swoosh, two acceptable treatments:
    1. Full Conference Name on the same line.
    2. Full Conference Name stacked with SIGGRAPH or SIGGRAPH Asia on the first line and the year on the line below.
  • Dates (i.e. 1-5 August) and location (i.e. Los Angeles) to be included below the Conference Name in a smaller font size. International date format used to comply with existing copy style standards.
  • Conference Name (i.e. SIGGRAPH 2021) and Dates (i.e. 1-5 August) to be in Helvetica font
  • No tagline to be included in the logo lock-up

Annual Conference Theme Application

To help differentiate each annual conference:

  • The color palette is flexible and may be applied to the text and inside of the SIGGRAPH swoosh
  • Texture/rendering may also be explored within the SIGGRAPH swoosh provided they do not alter the core readability of the mark
  • The location may incorporate a unique font treatment that delivers on the desired feel of the annual theme

Current Conferences

Use the following code to link directly to the current conference badges. Note that these HTML code snippets validate both as HTML 4.01 Strict and XHTML 1.0 Strict. As such it should be fine to embed on just about any web site.

<div class="conference"><a title="SIGGRAPH Conference" href="https://s2024.siggraph.org/"
href="https://s2024.siggraph.org/"><img style="border: none;" src="http://media.siggraph.org/promo/siggraph-badge.gif" src="http://media.siggraph.org/promo/siggraph-badge.gif" alt="SIGGRAPH" width="160" height="64" /></a></div>


<div class="asia-conference"><a title="SIGGRAPH Asia Conference" href="http://asia.siggraph.org" href="http://asia.siggraph.org"><img style="border: none;" src="http://media.siggraph.org/promo/siggraph-asia-badge.gif" src="http://media.siggraph.org/promo/siggraph-asia-badge.gif" alt="SIGGRAPH Asia" width="160" height="64" /></a></div>

Acceptable External Use

Entities associated with the organization or annual conference are welcome to use the organization or conference logo, as appropriate, to promote their events and/or describe their activities.

Individuals may use the logos to acknowledge their membership in the organization and/or their participation in a sponsored event.

It is also acceptable to grant permission to third parties, such as news organizations, to use the logos for promotional purposes.

Prohibited Use

It is our policy that the ACM SIGGRAPH organization logo and annual conference logo be used without modification and in an appropriate manner. Examples of prohibited use include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Any implication of endorsement by the organization or its activities;
  • Commercial uses (placement of the logo on product packaging);
  • An individual’s use of the logo for purposes other than acknowledging membership or participation in our activities;
  • Combination of the organization or annual conference logo with another logo.

Requests for Use Outside Described Scope

Requests for use of the name or logos which fall outside the scope of the policy, or proposed variations on the logo design, are to be brought to the attention of the ACM SIGGRAPH Chair.

Obtaining the Logos

Variations on the ACM SIGGRAPH organization logo – differing in color resolution, file format, and arrangement of the graphic and text elements – are available to download.

Gradient (Centered)

TIF (1000px)
JPG (400px)

Gradient (Logo on Left)

TIF (1000px)
JPG (400px)

Gradient (Logo on Right)

EPS TIF (1000px) JPG (400px)

Gradient (Logo Only)

EPS TIF (1000px) JPG (400px)

Flat (Centered)

EPS TIF (1000px) JPG (400px)

Flat (Logo on Left)

EPS TIF (1000px) JPG (400px)

Flat (Logo on Right)

EPS TIF (1000px) JPG (400px)

Flat (Logo Only)

EPS TIF (1000px) JPG (400px)

Black & White (Centered)

EPS TIF (1000px) JPG (400px)

Black & White (Logo on Left)

EPS TIF (1000px) JPG (400px)

Black & White (Logo on Right)

EPS TIF (1000px) JPG (400px)

Black & White (Logo Only)

EPS TIF (1000px) JPG (400px)


Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the ACM SIGGRAPH Chair.