Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library is an AI design app platform that lets you create your dream earrings simply from describing it – and AR try them on [Chang 2018] and even participate in a virtual and real world marketplace [Chang 2016] to have artisan creators make them, or a network of 3D printers fab them!

Feather: 3D sketchbook light as a feather

We present Feather, a 3D drawing system that allows users to create 3D curve artworks with a pen & touch interface on a tablet. We implemented multi-view 3D sketching by applying a concept of drawing & bending a “3D guide” and a view-oriented joystick widget that streamlines tedious 3D transformations—all of which are integrated into a single web application while maintaining the usability and look of conventional 2D drawing software.

Melody Slot Machine HD

Melody Slot Machine HD is an application that allows users to experience generating melodies using musical structures while playing slot machines. To make it possible, we use the Generative Theory of Tonal Music (GTTM) to analyze the melody structure and generate variations of the melody. All variation melodies created on the basis of GTTM have a similar musical structure, so even if the melody switches to another variation in the middle, the overall structure will not collapse. It is possible to see the player on the display playing a new combination of a melody generated interactively by the user’s manipulation.


Napkinmatic is a seamless spatial computing platform connecting AI to the real world – and back again; currently, it is an iOS and Android app that lets you (automagically) turn your napkin sketch into whatever it is you actually want it to be – from wireframe to vivid web design or sketch to masterpiece painting – or, using AppMode we can create our own mini-apps, for example, we can pipe our napkin idea into a 3D model creation endpoint [Chang 2023a].

PhysicsAR: Problem Set Reality

PhysicsAR is an augmented reality (AR) application that transcends traditional teaching methods by enabling users to delve into the intricacies of physics through interactions with real-world objects. By seamlessly integrating AR technology with advanced physics concepts, PhysicsAR offers an unparalleled learning experience. This paper presents a comprehensive overview of PhysicsAR, emphasizing its ability to turn real world objects into interactive problems, and the potential it holds for physics education.