History Community

The history we preserve today will influence how SIGGRAPH is remembered in the future.

Encouraging the development of histories of both people and technological innovation, our focus on the history of SIGGRAPH documents the impact of both SIGGRAPH and the field. Through activities designed to collect, preserve, and make materials accessible to members and the greater public, we work to educate about ACM SIGGRAPH and its role in the development of the computer graphics industry.

SIGGRAPH 1981: Computer Culture Art Show ’81

Uranus from Voyager by: Jim Blinn

©1981, James (Jim) F. Blinn

A Monumental Challenge

Capturing the history of an organization like SIGGRAPH is no easy task. From preserving the earliest organization in the late 1960s to documenting amazing innovations and developments revealed at two annual conferences and other specialized conferences each year, our work establishes SIGGRAPH’s legacy.

Our Projects


Collecting ideas for the upcoming 50th Conference anniversary.

People Behind the Pixels

Cataloging original stories about the projects, people, events, and organizations that make up the collective history of the field.

Archiving Stories, Papers and Materials

Gathering copies of interviews, conversations, stories, papers and other conference or industry produced materials in a collection of archive initiatives.

Digital Presence Archives

Collaborating to collect and archive current and historical assets with the SIGGRAPH Digital Presence Committee to connect people to information and other people.

Shape how SIGGRAPH is Remembered

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