Supporting education in all subdisciplines of computer graphics and interactive techniques, ACM SIGGRAPH promotes and improves the use of computer graphics in education. With volunteers from around the world, we are invested in the development and success of educational initiatives.

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Our Site

Through our dedicated Education site, we provide resources and support to current and future educators in the interest of further developing the field. Visit now to learn more about calls for contributions, events and sessions in the pursuit of education initiatives.

Our Goals

  • To encourage and facilitate efforts that connect education communities, better the educational process, and trigger innovation and creativity.
  • To support projects and activities that further educational development in the field, and evaluate these projects to ensure they meet the needs of the educator and learner.
  • To provide global online resources for educators that help to define a knowledge base for the discipline, to identify curriculum and core competencies, and to provide innovative learning tools and pedagogy.
  • To offer a resource structure to enable future educators to continue in the development of the field.

Interested in getting involved?

Learn more about Education and our initiatives at the ACM SIGGRAPH Education site.