SIGGRAPH '17- ACM SIGGRAPH 2017 Emerging Technologies

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Adaptive dynamic refocusing: toward solving discomfort in virtual reality

Altered touch: miniature haptic display with force, thermal and tactile feedback for augmented haptics

AoEs: enhancing teleportation experience in immersive environment with mid-air haptics

atmoSphere: designing cross-modal music experiences using spatial audio with haptic feedback

Bottomless joystick 2

Cardiolens: remote physiological monitoring in a mixed reality environment

Demo of FaceVR: real-time facial reenactment and eye gaze control in virtual reality

D.I.Y. position tracking add-on for mobile AR/VR

GVS RIDE: providing a novel experience using a head mounted display and four-pole galvanic vestibular stimulation

HangerON: a belt-type human walking controller using the hanger reflex haptic illusion

HangerOVER: HMD-embedded haptics display with hanger reflex

Hapbeat: single DOF wide range wearable haptic display

HaptoCloneAR: mutual haptic-optic interactive system with 2D image superimpose

Infinite stairs: simulating stairs in virtual reality based on visuo-haptic interaction

Membrane AR: varifocal, wide field of view augmented reality display from deformable membranes

MetaLimbs: multiple arms interaction metamorphism

Mid-air interaction with a 3D aerial display

Non-line-of-sight MoCap

OrbeVR: a handheld concave spherical virtual reality display

"Real baby - real family": VR entertainment baby interaction system

Stretchable transducers for kinesthetic interactions in virtual reality

Submerged haptics: a 3-DOF fingertip haptic display using miniature 3D printed airbags

Touch hologram in mid-air

TwinCam: omni-directional stereoscopic live viewing camera for reducing motion blur during head rotation

Varifocal virtuality: a novel optical layout for near-eye display

Wired muscle: generating faster kinesthetic reaction by inter-personally connecting muscles