SA Computer Animation Festival '23: ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Computer Animation Festival

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SESSION: Animation Theater


Butt is life. Friendship is forever.

Octopus Ninja

Octopus ninja is on a mission to rescue his family.

The yellow triangle

As M.Bou, the boss of the city underworld, offers a big reward to whoever brings him the Yellow Triangle. Bart and Oscar, two gangsters who always work together, decide to get it!

Bent Out of Shape

A dull, square family gets a bright, circular neighbor.

Search for the Human

In a fantasy world, a griffin embraces his fate and goes on an epic journey to find a legendary creature : The Human.

Bye Bear

A robot story about friendship, change and farewell.

The Witch's Cat

Jealousy strikes a witch's cat in this ultimately heartwarming tale.


The older me wants to know the younger you.

How To Get Your Man Pregnant

After 10 failure IVF treatment, the couple tries male pregnancy.

Morning Shadows

A journey under the light of a brightening black sun.

Smile Mask

A boy witnessed a girl's death in his childhood.


Some memories you can't keep.

Head in the Clouds

A quirky student outwits odds to stay in the clouds.

The Day Spring Comes

Spring of four seasons and the spring of our lives.

Lucky Brave's Sunshine

3D Animated short film, sci-fi western, drama, Unreal Engine.

Funeral at Nine

In a small town, a funeral is held after the death of a gardener. Three brothers find themselves lost in their imaginations on the day of the burial.

Last Summer

As summer ends, Ren's bandmates and childhood friends are leaving for college. He struggles to write the lyrics of their final song.

Black Curtain: The Fear

A woman and child run from their fears engulfing them.

My name is Edgar and I have a cow

Edgar's ordinary life is disrupted by a newborn calf he sees on a tourist trip to a slaughterhouse.


The Magical Banyan Tree's Desire That Leads to its Downfall.

SESSION: Electronic Theater

Quem Salva

Sidnei is a young recruit of the fire department fighting forest fires in the Amazon. During his first mission, he will be separated from the group and will have to undertake a perilous mission, guided by his mentor, Joao. Sidnei will be confronted with a choice: follow the orders of the hierarchy or save a thousand-year-old tree at the risk of his life.


A coal-burning robot working on a mine finds a dandelion.

Midnight Hotel

What if it were possible to meet one another in our sleep? One night, three strangers find themselves in a Hotel of dreams. They must navigate this strange world together before dawn.

Moirai - Thread of Life

Film intertwines cosmic journeys, quantum physics, and fate.

Paumo D'amour

Instead of giving his wife the attention she deserves, Dédé sends all his love to his vegetable garden. One day, all his delicious tomatoes mysteriously disappear.

Go Fishboy

A respected chef from a lineage of sushi makers attempts to connect with his son through the shared knowledge of the family trade. Tensions arise as he begins to notice a strange pattern of behaviour in the young boy.

Thaba Ye

Under the shadow of a mysterious Mountain in a remote part of South Africa, where legends of the local Bapedi people say that those who go there never come back, Thato has to face her fears in order to save her sick brother.

L'Animal Sauce Ail

Gooseville, close to nothing and far away from everything. The place where Goosevillers lead themselves to destruction. The inhabitants live off the farming of species that they overexploit each time, from geese to tadpoles. Each new managing and self consuming environment is told throughout low budget homemade TV shows. Advertising, teleshopping and others show us the devolution of a small French village rushing towards its end.


Junior is a sensitive teenager. His father, on the other hand, is a gruff hunter, determined to turn his son into a man in his image. After disappointing his father once more during target practice, Junior takes the family rifle. He heads off alone into the forest, ready to face his own nature.

Town Hall Square

Bernard's life is turned upside down by a little tiger.


On the road to her family vacation, Olivia, a 10-year old girl hooked on her phone and social media, is abandoned by her parents in a highway service area. Alone with her plushie, he tries to get her off her phone to play, but things take an unexpected turn!

Loup y es-tu ?

A little girl named Mischa lives in the suburbs of Moscow. She has just made a beautiful violin out of paper. She wants to play for the big monsters who live in the apartment. But the less they listen to her playing the violin, the more the Wolf dangerously prowls near her.

Ice Merchants

Every day, a father and his son jump with a parachute from their vertiginous cold house, attached to a cliff, to go to the village on the ground, far away where they sell the ice they produce daily.

Hair Universe: Meorikarak Woojoo

A Grieving Boy Gets Swept Into the Underneath the Bathtub