Affiliation Guidelines

All SIGGRAPH contributors are required to include one or more affiliations in their SIGGRAPH Information System (SIS) accounts. Affiliations can be companies, institutions, organizations, or other entities. Your affiliation information helps SIGGRAPH determine if there is a legal association or other affiliation that we need to be aware of in your presentation.

Accurate and consistent affiliation information is crucial when you submit your work.

No affiliation? See Independent Contributors for more information.

SIGGRAPH uses affiliation information to:

  • Ensure reviewers assigned to your work have no conflict of interest with you or your affiliation.
  • Clarify the rights-management process.

Specifying your Affiliation

Affiliations must be added in your SIS account. Use the most general and correct version of your company, institution, or organization name without extra information such as department, branch, unit, or subsidiary. For companies and other private entities, use only the legal company name.

Search the existing SIS database for your affiliation before you add a new entry. Avoid creating variations on the same name. For example, Adobe employees should select Adobe Systems.


  • University of Florida – Department of Computer Science —> University of Florida
  • University of Florida – Orlando Campus —> University of Florida
  • Walt Disney Company —> The Walt Disney Company
  • Disney Research —> The Walt Disney Company
  • Disney Feature Animation —> The Walt Disney Company

Independent Contributors

If you are not in any way associated with a company or other organization, enter Self-Employed, Independent Artist, or a similar brief descriptive phrase to indicate your independent status.

Identify as an Independent Contributor only if you are operating entirely as an independent contributor. If your work is subsequently associated with an entity that you have not declared in advance, your submission could be invalidated or rejected due to conflicts of interest with the undeclared affiliation.

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