ACM SIGGRAPH is governed and energized by our volunteers.

Contributing vision, industry knowledge, and energy to the programs and services of the organization, volunteers are an integral part of our international computer graphics community.

SIGGRAPH Volunteers Are:




Organization Volunteers

From serving on a committee to planning and producing the two annual SIGGRAPH conferences, the time and vision of our volunteers is indispensable.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer for SIGGRAPH! We’re more than just a conference.

With committees supporting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Educators, Practitioners, Researchers, Digital Artists, and so much more, our community is engaged year-round. Learn more about our Committees or SIGGRAPH 365 for ways you can get involved.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Executive Committee

Standing Committees

Strategic Committees

Web Team Volunteer Opportunities

Join our web team as a writer or content assistant.

Conference Volunteers

Volunteer for the world’s largest, most influential conferences on computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Establishing overall strategy for the annual SIGGRAPH conferences, managing conference planning and production, and overseeing conference programs, conferences are possible  thanks to the work of our many dedicated volunteers. Interested in volunteering and contributing to SIGGRAPH conferences? Please email the conference administration team here.

Volunteer Leadership Positions

Art Gallery Chair

The Art Gallery chair compiles and mounts an exhibit of innovative, high-quality, fine art and/or design produced using computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Art Papers Chair

The Art Papers Editor manages SIGGRAPH’s forum for honoring artists and their artwork, as well as their process of making art and its place in society.

Conference Advisory Group Chairs

The SIGGRAPH Conference Advisory Group (CAG) and SIGGRAPH Asia Conference Advisory Group (SACAG) manage long-term conference issues that extend beyond individual conferences.

Conference Chair

The Conference Chair is a volunteer responsible for planning and producing an annual conference.

Courses Chair

The Courses Chair is responsible for the planning, selection process, and implementation of the annual conference courses program.


The SIGGRAPH Directors are responsible for the planning, selection process, and implementation of both submitted and curated content.

Education Liaison

The Education Liaison compiles a program that explores innovative uses of computer graphics and interactive techniques in education.

Electronic Theater Director

The Electronic Theater Director produces an entertaining and informative representation of the highest quality computer animation.

Emerging Technologies Chair

The Emerging Technologies Chair is responsible for the planning, selection process, and implementation of the annual conference Emerging Technologies program.

Games Focus Area Chair

The Games Focus Area Chair compiles a program exploring issues and innovative uses of computer graphics and interactive techniques in the gaming industry.

General Submissions Chair

The General Submissions Chair is responsible for overseeing the implementation of exhibits, a collection of leading-edge applications and interactive technologies and educational sessions of innovative uses of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

General Submissions Juror

The General Submissions Juror is responsible for helping to review and make recommendations of the content submitted to General Submissions.

GraphicsNet Chair

The GraphicsNet Chair is responsible for the planning and implementation of the on-site networking infrastructure necessary to support the annual conference.

Labs Chair

The Labs Chair leads a staff of volunteers to plan and implement a creative and robust workshop environment where conference attendees can experiment with various input and output technologies and explore pre-selected conference work.

Posters Chair

The Posters Chair is responsible for the planning, selection process, and presentation of the Posters Program at the conference.

Production Sessions Chair

The Production Sessions Chair is responsible for the planning, selection process, scheduling, and producing each production session in cooperation with the relevant studio for the annual conference.

Real-Time Live! Chair

The Real-Time Live! Chair produces an entertaining showcase representing the most innovative and interactive real-time graphics created in the last 12 months.

Student Volunteer Chair

The Student Volunteer Chair manages a large team of students who support the operational needs of the conference.

Technical Briefs and Posters Chair

SIGGRAPH Asia only.

Technical Papers Chair

The Technical Papers chair manages the world’s premier forum for the most definitive research in computer graphics and interactive techniques. 

General Requirements

Time and Travel

  • SIGGRAPH conference volunteer work requires a considerable investment of time. All the conference programs are critical to the success of the conference, so it is imperative that committee members not underestimate the time commitment required. It is also important that your employer and family understand this time commitment and be willing to support you in this endeavor. Volunteers are not compensated monetarily for their time.
  • All conference committee members are required to attend both the conference they are working on plus the previous year’s conference. Depending on the position, this can be 8-10 days for each conference.
  • Program chairs must attend the jury and/or selection meeting of their program for the previous conference year, and they must plan and preside over their own such meeting.
  • Over the 18-month active planning period for a conference, program chairs are required to attend six to eight committee meetings. Committee meetings are usually scheduled for three weekend days.
  • Depending on the position, there may be a few other meetings that program chairs must attend.
  • After each conference, program chairs submit final reports about planning, execution, and post-event activities. These insights are shared at a wrap-up meeting after the conference.
  • In addition to meetings, program chairs must spend adequate time connecting with appropriate people in the computer graphics industry to stay abreast of the current issues that affect their programs and the conference.
  • Program chairs are also required to devote adequate time to administrative duties, such as corresponding with their contributors, sub-committees, and/or juries.


  • All conference committee expenses related to conference planning, such as travel, are paid for by the conference. Where possible, many companies support volunteers by providing phones, copiers, faxes, office supplies, administrative time, and even travel expenses. Expenses not covered by these contributions are budgeted and carefully managed by the Conference Chair, CSE, and individual committee chairs. Certain committee positions also receive support to pay for administrative expenses.
  • Committee members are not directly responsible for generating income. They are responsible for creating an exciting program for conference attendees.


  • Committee members are often asked to prepare status reports in preparation for committee meetings. A comprehensive final report is prepared for the wrap-up meeting after the conference. Between meetings, email and phone meetings are used extensively to keep everyone informed. Every committee member must allocate sufficient time for daily email processing.


  • All committee members must have access to current computer technology for conference-related work. SIGGRAPH uses a standard software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, and database applications, which is available for loan to committee members. All committee members must also have reliable access to the internet including email, FTP, and web access.


  • Volunteer program chairs should understand that they are ultimately responsible for all details of their programs. SIGGRAPH has a wealth of resources available in several contracted service organizations to help with detailed planning and production, but it is up to the program chairs to be sure tasks are organized in the most efficient and effective manner, and provide program oversight. The industry, the conference, and the rest of the committee depend on each program chair to understand the entire process, evaluating previous years’ procedures, and determining which are wise to maintain and which ones need updating.

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