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Jul 24
Jul 29

The 43rd International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics Interactive Techniques

Anaheim, California, USA

Sep 7
Sep 10

Human-Computer Interaction, Tourism and Cultural Heritage

Turin, Italy

Sep 16
Sep 18
ICON Manila 2016

Entertainment Design Conference

Manila, Philippines

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Schrödinger's smoke

This paper from SIGGRAPH 2016 describes a new approach for the purely Eulerian simulation of incompressible fluids.

Volume-encoded UV-maps

This paper from SIGGRAPH 2016 presents alternative representation, volume-encoded UV-maps, in which each point on the surface is mapped to a UV position which is solely a function of its 3D position.

Automatic triage for a photo series

This paper from SIGGRAPH 2016 introduces several new approaches for modeling human preference based on machine learning. 

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