Steven Anson Coons Award

The Steven A. Coons award for outstanding creative contributions to computer graphics is presented in odd-numbered years to honor an individual who has made a lifetime contribution to computer graphics and interactive techniques. The award includes a $6,000 cash prize and a specially commissioned statue.

Current Recipient

Marie-Paule Cani

Previous Recipients

  • 2021 Markus Gross
  • 2019 Michael F. Cohen
  • 2017 Jessica Hodgins
  • 2015 Henry Fuchs
  • 2013 Turner Whitted
  • 2011 James T. Kajiya
  • 2009 Robert L. Cook
  • 2007 Nelson Max
  • 2005 Tomoyuki Nishita
  • 2003 Pat Hanrahan
  • 2001 Lance J. Williams
  • 1999 James F. Blinn
  • 1997 James Foley
  • 1995 José Luis Encarnação
  • 1993 Ed Catmull
  • 1991 Andries van Dam
  • 1989 David C. Evans
  • 1987 Donald P. Greenberg
  • 1985 Pierre Bézier
  • 1983 Ivan E. Sutherland

Nomination Procedure

To nominate an individual for the Steven Anson Coons award, ACM SIGGRAPH members are encouraged to send an email to the Technical Awards Chair ( by January 31.


  • Name, address, phone number, and email address of the nominator
  • Name and email address of the candidate
  • Suggested citation (maximum of 25 words)
  • Nomination statement (maximum of 500 words in length) addressing why the candidate should receive this award

Your nomination should describe a candidate’s most significant research contributions, industrial impact, community service, and/or contributions to other areas of computer graphics and interactive techniques. The Technical Awards Committee uses nomination statements as the main basis for their selections, so a concise and clear statement is strongly encouraged. Descriptions of a few most impactful contributions are preferable to a long list of activities.