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Champollion, the Egyptian

With this virtual reality experience, you will slip into Champollion's skin to relive a unique experience and historical milestone. Lit by torchlight, guided by Champollion's voice, the visitor-explorer enters the temple, recreated from David Roberts' watercolors. A unique experience by Agnès Molia and Gordon to explore an exceptional Egyptian site!

Fresh Memories: The Look

Bombed schools, hospitals, houses, and many others. War in Ukraine has taken away thousands of lives. In this VR experience, you look into the eyes of those who lost their homes or places closely connected to them. What can this look awake in us? Will it bring despair or hope?

Holy Fire Pilot Version

Holy Fire is an interactive documentary experience that explores humankind's difficult relationship with nuclear energy. It looks at the technology's tragic upscaling into risky nuclear power plants all across the world and examines the early days, when scientists were full of hope after discovering this genuine philosopher's stone.


Based on the true story of one aspirational LGBTQ+ parent's ground-breaking journey through the adoption process in the United Kingdom, KINDRED highlights unique challenges faced by non-binary parents in the U.K.'s outdated adoption process and tells the remarkable story of Syd and Ollie who helped redefine the meaning of family.

Les Pieds en Haut : Lou

There are as many ways to be autistic as there are autistic people. LOU --- Kid/Teen lets people experience what it's like to be in the body of an autistic child named Lou, to see and hear through his eyes and ears.

Luna: Episode 1 --- Left Behind

LUNA: EPISODE 1 --- LEFT BEHIND is an interactive VR story about a robot and a little girl trying to survive an AI apocalypse. The experience uses voice recognition to let the player talk to the characters.


Lustration is a four-part animated series following a group of characters from both the real world and afterlife. As these characters' stories unfold and intersect, we discover the lengths that some will go to in the name of love while uncovering a vast conspiracy that will change everything.

Missing 10 Hours VR

Missing 10 Hours makes you realize how much the decision and actions of bystanders can drastically influence the course of an evening. In this interactive VR piece, the viewer is led on a night out by Greg, a big-headed guy with bad intentions.

Out of the Cave

The story follows a young woman who seeks to overcome the emotional wounds of a past relationship. Blending the immersive realms of webcomics and intricately crafted VR environments, viewers are transported into the protagonist's world and intimately involved in her journey of self-discovery and healing.

Reimagined Volume I: Nyssa

After losing her best friend/broom, a precocious young witch is guided by her familiar spirit through the depths of the dark migration where she must learn about fear and intuition in order to protect her village from the wrath of the evil Teemencaag.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Step into teenager Priya's world and influence her story by playing the game Rock Paper Scissors against single-mum Lina in this interactive virtual reality coming-of-age drama funded by the BFI Network.


21st of March 1945. You're the second wave of British bombers headed to Copenhagen to bomb Gestapo's headquarters. But as you approach the city with over 500 km an hour, you realize something isn't right. Nevertheless, your decision has to be made --- now.

The Anticipation of Rain

The Anticipation of Rain is fine artist Naima Karim's memoir and plea for global collaboration in a time of climate change. It utilises Naima's brush strokes, immersive sound, and bespoke scents. Having grown up in Bangladesh, the monsoon is a joyous and exciting experience for Naima, which became unpredictable now.

The Werewolf Experience

An immersive branching narrative, in TWE the user is a werewolf in an 1850s mining town hunting the sacred white stag in order to cure themselves of their lycanthropy; however, the town is hunting them. Using their voice, they must choose, howl or stay silent. Every choice effects the outcome.

Wonder of Life

What is life? What is life? It's the transient resting and then flyaway of a dragonfly. It's a faint fragrance dissipating in the air. It's ripples waving through the water surface and disappearing. Life lies within every little wonder and mystery of nature in the lotus pond at dawn.

You Destroy. We Create | The War on Ukraine's Culture

What happens when museums can no longer show their collections, instead needing to hide them? How is it to be a street artist or create music during war? Witness how Ukrainian art and culture have become targets of the war, and meet the inspiring people on the frontlines protecting it.