Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

ACM SIGGRAPH celebrates the diversity of disciplines, ideas, innovations, journeys, and people that exist within the SIGGRAPH community. Through the work of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at ACM SIGGRAPH, we aim to create an environment where our members and our guests feel that ACM SIGGRAPH is a place where they feel safe, have a sense of belonging, and their voices are heard.

  • All members thrive
  • All members are valued for their skills and ideas
  • All members are enabled to tell their stories

We believe that our diversity makes us stronger together to innovate and create for the community and for society. ACM SIGGRAPH stands with ACM and our other SIGs in denouncing any activities of bullying, intolerance, racism, harassment, and any disrespect of our members and guests.

ACM SIGGRAPH’s Expectations

ACM requires all ACM members and members of ACM Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to abide by their Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment with respect to their participation in ACM-related activities. Guests attending any of our events or activities are also expected to abide by this Policy.

Our Purpose

Promoting inclusivity, equity and access to empower a diversity of people and content across all communities, inspiring our members to tell authentic stories through computer graphics and interactive techniques.

We are committed to expanding and broadening the many communities of SIGGRAPH to be advocates for others and allies to all.

Our Goals

  • Collect and be transparent on data regarding diversity and inclusivity in leadership, committees, membership, and conference attendees
  • Leverage resources and content that build cultural awareness, knowledge, and educational enrichment for members
  • Collaborate with the conferences and events on integrating diversity and inclusion topics, themes, and procedures
  • Adopt and integrate diversity and inclusion in our marketing and communications messaging through storytelling, imagery, and various media
  • Be committed to getting feedback from our membership, attendees, and guests