SIGGRAPH '23 Electronic Theater: Proceedings of the Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Conference: Electronic Theater

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The voice in the hollow

An African fable of sisterhood, envy, and ancient evil.


A birthday party escalate when an toad who perceives life in a cute and colorful way meets a paranoiac fly.

Town Hall Square

Bernard works behind the windows of a ticket booth at the Town Hall Square subway station and is waiting for something he seems to have forgotten. One day, however, a little tiger shows up and turns Bernard's orderly life upside down. A short film about an unexpected visitor, annoying radio songs and the lust for life!

Tear Off

A young bee must overcome her condition if she is to survive the DESTRUCTIVE HORNET that has invaded her hive. This adventure allows us to discover the dark side of a colony that is utopian at first glance. The film also explores the world of bees in more depth, with a story that highlights the fear of the unknown, of the dark, of claustrophobia, pushed in that by a macro camera which follows the character, in an alternative and frightening documented universe.

What is Github? Brand Film

Through a blend of styles, some comedic charm, and the aid of a rubber duck, we set out to help the world's biggest software development company, GitHub, unleash their raison d'être to the masses.

Overwatch: Kiriko

The protector of Kanezaka strikes again. Discover the two sides of Kiriko, the loving daughter and the deadly protector.

DNA replication of the lagging strand

DNA replication is one of the most essential tasks of the human body. Dive in and see this intricate molecular dance unfold in vivid detail right before your eyes.


An old tinkerer spends hours and hours building a machine that helps him to revive his youth, after a life time of break dancing. But the story takes a dramatic turn when he gets distracted for a brief moment, and doesn't watch his back.

Avatar: The Way of Water

Thirteen years after the original film, audiences can be taken back to the world of Pandora and experience the emotional narrative of Avatar the Way of Water, depicted through the expressive nature of the Na'vi and vibrant and immersive environments.

Creating the Way of Water

No detail was too small to bring Avatar: The Way of Water and its 2,225 water shots to life. With an underwater world simulated by tidal changes, and water sequences enhanced by bubbles, spray, foam, and marine snow details, Pandora has never felt so real.

A Calling. From the Desert. To the Sea

Fearing that her younger sister will be wed off Just like she was, Ahlam lures Yasmin to run away with her by telling a story of a mythical sea that lies beyond the desolate desert and its mountains. Yasmin's childish curiosity overturns her father's apprehension and his warnings of the monster that resides beyond the borders of their house. In-search of this mystical sea, the two sisters journey away far from their home, predetermined fate and secluded life with their father. Along the way, young Yasmin is forced to face her inner demons and further her understanding of the world she lives in.


What if, a goat ended the Mayan civilization?

Changing the Way We Look at Cells

Conventional cell imaging kills active cultures to collect biological data. What if it didn't have to?


In an energy-scarce dystopia, an old destitute man breaks into a battery factory but soon finds himself confronted by a deadly security droid and no way out.

Airbnb Aircover

Airbnb's new "Aircover" protection program has your backside (and money) covered during your booking experience and stay.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Behind the scenes look at creating "Puss in Boots: The Last Wish."


A couple of dumb birds tries its best to protect its eggs from a volcano eruption.

TriSalus: SD-101 and SmartValve Technology

TriSalus's investigational therapeutic candidate SD-101 has the potential to reprogram or eliminate immunosuppressive cells and enable immunotherapy in liver tumors.

La Diplomatie de L'éclipse

At the moment of alignment, of total eclipse, humanity will vanish, this was the message sent by the Sun and the Moon. The World Council decides to send his best negociator to stop the end of the world.

Today's Holiday Moments are Tomorrow's Memories

Food has an incredible power to ensnare our senses and punch through time, bestowing upon us a remarkable window through which we can experience sharing past meals with loved ones once again. This enchanting, magical force is behind Hornet's most ambitious holiday film for Kroger yet where co-directors Yves Geleyn and Michael Thurmeier reinforce the campaign's core message that "Today's Holiday Moments are Tomorrow's Memories".

Period Drama

When young Georgiana Crimsworth finds blood on her sheets and thinks she's dying, she spirals into fear imagining what's going to happen to her body.

Swing to the Moon

Living in the forest, little spider Temi dreams of catching the Moon. For that, she will do anything.