SIGGRAPH '21: ACM SIGGRAPH 2021 Computer Animation Festival

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

@A Tiny Tale

A dog gets abandoned on the side of the road. Attached to a street light, he stays alone until the day he meets a young astronaut wannabe and a professional cyclist who keeps on trying to beat her highest score.

@Blood Song: A Silent Ballad

"Blood Song: A Silent Ballad" is based on the graphic novel authored by Eric Drooker. It's about an innocent young girl whose life was drastically affected by a war. Her surreal journey took place from childhood to adulthood and from a small village to an urban life.

@Carried Away

A dark comedy about antagonist twins who have to fulfill their mother's last will: Bury her corpse in the forest.

@Dead End

Our story takes place in a cyberpunk universe. We follow a character named Esis, who one day come across a robot in an alley. The latter being inert, she decides to conduct an experiment.

@DNEG VFX showcase

At DNEG we believe in the positive power of storytelling. We are celebrating over 20 years of Award-winning visual effects. Enjoy our DNEG 2021 VFX showcase!

@Flora & Ulysses

The film follows 10-year-old Flora and her journey in protecting her superhero CG squirrel named Ulysses.


In ancient Rome, Marcus has an anxiety attack and is lying on the ground, he remembers his past.

@Hardspace: Shipbreaker - Opening Cinematic (Early Access)

300 years from now, humankind has industrialized much of the solar system. Corporations are all powerful. Earth has deteriorated into a place of squalor and decay. In orbit, a new breed of worker has emerged - the Shipbreaker. The labor is extremely dangerous, but for a select few, the hazard pay is worth the risk.

@I am a Pebble

Bubble a young otter, lives with three mossy stones and thinks of them as her family. Bulle imagines them as real otters, but as she becomes aware of their true nature, she has to face her loneliness.

@Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey - animated sequences

Framestore created nearly eight minutes of full CG animation, designed to reflect the magically inventive aesthetic of David E. Talbert's film and establishes a world within a world which is loaded with emotional resonance.

@Julian Tuwim: To Everyman

"Julian Tuwin: To Everyman" it's a manifesto that uncovers the techniques of political propaganda. The film reveals the manipulations to paint war as necessary and make it widely accepted by the society. This animated short shows a neverending circle and can be seamlessly looped. It starts with a spark to ignite the conflict and seems to end with the remembrance of the fallen. However, if played continuously, the story moves to another hotbed of tension.

@La vida de una Piñata

A piñata experiences the same fateful day over and over again, on which it is bought by a girl and finds death at her garden party. Shocked, the piñata tries to break out of this eternal cycle.

@Louis' shoes

Louis, an eight-and-a-half-year-old autistic kid, arrives in his new school and is about to introduce himself.


Two polar bears are driven into exile due to global warming. They will encounter brown bears along their journey, with whom they will try to cohabitate.


Wetag Digital's "Meerkat" is a real-time animated short featuring a winsome tussle between a meerkat and an eagle. The production allowed Weta to push how far they could take movie-quality hair, fur, and feathers created with real-time tools, and rendered entirely in Unreal Engine.

@Only a Child

"Only a Child" is a visual poem created by over 20 animation directors under the artistic supervision of Simone Giampaolo, which gives shape and color to the originalwords spoken by Severn Suzuki at the UN Summit in Rio in 1992, a child's desperate call to action for the future of our planet. An omnibus film celebrating the environmental youth movement 30 years in the making.

@Signal Lingers

"Signal Lingers" is about a mysterious man trying to revive an abandoned planet and bring back its vibrant nature.

@Signs of Life

There is plenty of life here on Earth, but where else might it be found? In "Signs of Life", we discover what it took to put life in the universe in the one place where we know it exists. We see how the laws of chemistry and physics drive cosmic evolution, and we travel through the solar system, the MilkyWay Galaxy, and beyond in a search for more signs of life.

Stormzy - Superheroes

We are all superheroes. Stormzy helps us discover that everyone has their own unique super powers, no matter how mundane or boring they may seem. The world can be a truly amazing place when we realise our full potential - dreams really can come true - sometimes we need a little encouragement.


Alaska, late 19th century, a strong trapper named Hawk meets an huge and uncredible radiant moose herald of the apocalypse.

@Super Generic

A character model sheet tries to change himself after getting critique from an instructor saying that he was "super generic."

@The Midnight Sky

From crisp, frozen snowscapes to the depths of outer space, Framestore's VFX team created the pixel-perfect backdrop to George Clooney's dystopian sci-fi epic.

@The Source of the Mountains

The Paccha-Picchus are festive little creatures. They live a carefree daily life in sync with the mountains. When the mountains come, their oasis rises and they are lifted up into a winter climate. The Paccha-Picchus are very fond of the winter climate, which is vital for them. But one day, the mountains stop coming and the restless Kinko decides to go looking for them.

@The Very Hungry Duck

Narrated like a children's book, a hungry duck indulges in the human world's copious amounts of food, unknowing of the evils that follow it.

@Tipping Point

In a near and dystopian future in London, we are witnessing the desperate escape of a masked street-artist pursued by security forces. Despite his agility, he owes his salvation to a taxi driver who decides to act against the government controlling the media and technology and threatening citizens.

@Tour of Asteroid Bennu

Take a narrated tour of asteroid Bennu's remarkable terrain.


Two explorers in search of a forgotten treasure disturb the romance between an octopus and his beloved.

@Twenty Something

Adulting can be hard. Some days you're nailing it, while other days, you're just a stack of kids hiding in a trench coat hoping no one notices. Gia finds herself in this exact scenario the night of her 21st birthday. This is a story about the insecurities of adulting and how we're all just faking it 'till we make it.

@Unknown 9: Awakening Teaser Trailer

Raised on the streets of Kolkata India and haunted by visions of her own death, Haroona struggles to understand her mysterious innate abilities to manipulate the unseen. A mentor soon helps Haroona hone her gifts, teaches her to access the mysterious hidden dimension known as The Fold and propels her on a journey to unlock the mysteries of this new realm.

@What does a virus actually look like?

This is the first time you can see real (flash-frozen) coronavirus in 3D.

@World of Warcraft: Beyond the Veil

In the Shadowlands, every soul has its place - from the path of ascension among the spires of Bastion to an eternity of torment in the depths of the Maw. Choose where your destiny lies.