Our committees are the backbone of our organization.

Offering our members exclusive access to guidance and leadership, we are committed to fostering a global professional community based on the same values, passion and purpose.

Providing valuable input into various segments of the organization, these committees are composed of a committee chair and volunteers who fulfill the needs of ACM SIGGRAPH.

Our Committees


The Awards Committee oversees four annual awards and one biennial award in recognition of exceptional achievements in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

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The role of SIGGRAPH CARES is to serve as a resource comprising well-known and respected people in the graphics community who are approachable and willing to listen to and help people who experience or observe discrimination and harassment at our events.

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Communications and Membership

The Communications and Membership Services Committee oversees content development for the ACM SIGGRAPH website, membership communications, and benefits procurement. The Communications Chair is also in charge of the ACM SIGGRAPH Village at both annual conferences.

Digital Arts

The Digital Arts Committee fosters the evolution of a strong digital arts community within the international organization and promotes a dialogue between visual artists and the larger SIGGRAPH community.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Diversity Committee celebrates the diversity that exists within the SIGGRAPH community and to create a welcoming and nurturing community for everyone working in computer graphics and interactive techniques independent of gender, ethnic background, and abilities.

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The Education Committee works to support computer graphics education and the use of computer graphics in education, encompassing technical, creative, and developmental studies in curricular areas ranging from computer science to digital arts.

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The Executive Committee sets the strategic direction for the organization, promotes technical and creative excellence, adheres to the cultural expectations of the organization, supervises the operational activities of the organization, and set the strategic direction for the organization.

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External Relations

The External Relations Committee establishes and oversees ACM SIGGRAPH’s agreements with numerous organizations and conferences around the world. This committee identifies and establishes relationships with new organizations according to the current strategic plan.


The committee’s goals and priorities are to preserve the stories and artifacts of our community and industry, make the collected materials broadly accessible by the public, and document the impact of SIGGRAPH on the development of computer graphics, the computer graphics industry, and industries enabled by the graphics and imaging.

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International Resources

The ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources Committee (IRC) is a subcommittee of Communications that hosts the International Center at the SIGGRAPH conference and drives year-round strategies to promote ACM SIGGRAPH and connect its global community.

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Information Technology Services

The Information Services Committee (ISC) manages the ACM SIGGRAPH internet infrastructure and works closely with the Communications & Membership Committee to manage content development.

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The Nominations Committee oversees ACM SIGGRAPH committee chair nominations. The chair of the Nominations Committee is the past president of ACM SIGGRAPH.

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Practitioner Career Development

The Practitioner Career Development Committee plans, develops and facilitates activities that support the career development of practitioners working in industry and academia.

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Professional and Student Chapters

The ACM SIGGRAPH Professional and Student Chapters Committee strive to unite and grow ACM SIGGRAPH’s community of researchers and practitioners of Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques.

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The Publications Committee documents the content presented at ACM SIGGRAPH sponsored events, using channels that are efficient and cost-effective.

Research Career Development

The Research Career Development Committee plans, develops, and facilitates activities that support the career development of members with research careers in academia and industry.

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Specialized Conferences

ACM SIGGRAPH helps organize and sponsor focused conferences, workshops, and other symposia around the world on topics related to computer graphics and interactive techniques. These gatherings enable groups with specific interests to get together and exchange information.

Early Career Development

The Student Services Committee provides continuity and institutional memory for the student volunteer and intern programs at SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia to demonstrate the value of SIGGRAPH membership to student members.

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Volunteer Development (Ad Hoc)

The Volunteer Development Committee (VDC) serves two primary objectives. First, the VDC seeks to leverage the broad enthusiasm, energy, and talent available among our volunteer community to support and enhance the overall mission and events of ACM SIGGRAPH. Second, the VDC provides onboarding and ongoing support, mentorship, and leadership
development for ACM SIGGRAPH volunteers in their roles within the organization.

Year-round Activities (Ad Hoc)

The Year-round and Online Activities Committee is an ad-hoc committee responsible for the coordination of online, virtual and year-round events for ACM SIGGRAPH.

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Committee Chairs

Committee chair terms are three years, beginning on 1 September. Nominations for open chair positions will be accepted by the Nominations Chair until May 1 of the year the term in question ends. Chairs are eligible to run for succeeding terms. There are no term limits for committee chair positions. If a committee chair is unable to complete the three-year term, a replacement will be appointed by a majority vote of the EC to fill out the remaining term.

Standing Committee Chairs

When a committee chair position is open, the position opening is posted on the web site. The Nominations Committee reviews applicants, consults with the existing committee, and makes a recommendation to the Executive Committee. In addition to its recommendation, the Nominations Committee provides the Executive Committee with the names and application materials of all those who applied for the position. Committee Chairs must be members of ACM SIGGRAPH.

The timeline for this process is:

  • 1-30 April: Call for Nominations Open
  • 1-15 May: Review by Nominations Committee
  • 15 May: Recommendation to EC
  • 1 June: New Chair(s) Announced