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African Space Makers

The only way to understand Urban Storytelling is by experiencing it! Choose which film director you want to be and experience urban Africa with your crew. This is your assignment and how you are going to understand what it means to be an African Space Maker, a real urban hero!

Baba Yaga

Baobab Studios' Baba Yaga, combines animation and immersive cinematography, placing you inside a fairytale. Baba Yaga (Kate Winslet) uses powers to stop the villagers encroaching on the Forest (Jennifer Hudson). When the Chief (Glen Close) falls ill, her daughter Magda (Daisy Ridley) must do the unthinkable and retrieve the cure.


"Beat" is a story elaborated from your "Heart." Viewers experience the work with their hearts in their hands. Viewers encounter a rusted robot without a "heart" to move. Viewers can grant him a new heart by putting theirs on the robot. "Heart" becomes the key to move the story forward.


"Bodyless" is an interactive surreal VR experience based on the history local to Taiwan. The story is from the director's childhood memories which depict the reduction of humanity by the military government during martial law, the colonial culture, and the digital era into a story beyond reality.

Goodbye Mister Octopus

Goodbye Mister Octopus is an illuminating coming of age tale entirely hand-animated on Quill about the questioning of identity, of what our loved ones represent, and the perception of those around us. Follow Stella, as she learns about herself, her family, and what it means to grow up.


A student, one day, asks around the class for water; however none is left. Questions hence arise among his classmates about what would happen if the water runs out? (This story is purely experimental and illustrated according to children's point of view about the thirst and water shortage.)


Hush is an immersive Virtual Reality experience rooted in the Northern myths of the merpeople, who lured sailors and longing souls to the sea. Like the lost ones of the past, you begin by the seaside. The world around you dissolves as you hear the calling from the sea, and you are submerged in a suggestive underwater world, where the distinction between reality and imagination, man and nature, disappears. Hush is a stand-alone VR piece, but it is also a companion piece to the hybrid documentary film Elsewhere, also directed by Vibeke Bryld and supported by New Danish Screen at the Danish Film Institute, which is based in the same universe as Hush. Elsewhere premiered at CPH:DOX 2021.

Inside COVID19

"Inside COVID19" uses the power of stereoscopic 360° video to immerse viewers into a personal journey of contracting the novel coronavirus. Molecular 3D animation takes us into the story in a new way, both microscopic and macrocosmically, connecting us to the deeper challenges that are revealed through the pandemic crisis.


Namoo is a narrative poem come to life as an animated VR experience that follows the journey of a man from his birth until death. Namoo was created entirely in VR with Oculus Quill and pushes the boundaries of what is possible in this new artform and platform for animation.

Once upon a time in Ekuar

Welcome to EKUAR, home of the energy creatures known as SUNSHINES. For centuries, these fantastic creatures have shared their energy with the space explorers from the empire, collaborating and creating a delicate balance between them... until everything changed. Join us and witness the rise and fall of these two species.

Replacements (penggantian)

"Replacements" depicts a Javanese family routinely observing their neighborhood day after day, generation after generation, replacement after replacement. it is a VR story about roots, time and change.


"She" is an interactive film about a boy pursuing his gender identity. The boy got a magic lipstick that helps him to discover feminine tendencies. As the boy goes through the family's confinement and social isolation, viewers stand with the boy's inner self and support him to regain his self-acceptance.

Tales from Soda Island: the Neon Jungle

"Tales from Soda Island" is a series that tells stories from the world of the independent music collective "Soda Island." In this episode, journey through the Neon Jungle as you follow a Tadpolotl on its quest to deliver a package through the twisted depths of the jungle. Made in Quill.

The Hangman at Home: VR

Inspired by the iconic Carl Sandburg poem (1922), this piece explores themes of acknowledgement and participation. It is not about hanging people, but about the awkward intimacy that comes with being human, and the connection between spectator, witness, and accomplice.

To Miss The Ending

Set in a breathtaking visual landscape made of oversized voxels, a dystopian future unravels slowly around you. Set in a future of job automation, political uncertainty, environmental damage and the breakdown of human connection - all of which has led you here, uploading your consciousness to a machine.