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SESSION: Art & design

3D model partial-resizing via normal and texture map combination

"Amazing sketchbook advance"

Beautifying font: effective handwriting template for mastering expression of Chinese calligraphy

Exploiting the room structure of buildings for scalable architectural modeling of interiors

Hand-drawn animation with self-shaped canvas

Interactive parameterised heterogeneous 3D modelling with signed distance fields

LeviFab: stabilization and manipulation of digitally fabricated objects for superconductive levitation

Novel view synthesis from two cartoon face drawings

Real-time model slicing in arbitrary direction using octree

rpTextures: systematic layering for large texture generation

Space-time cubification of artistic shapes

The artwork generating system of escher-like positive and negative pattern evolution

Typeharvesting: a typeface design utilizing time-dependent appearance change of physical materials

Velocity-based compression of 3D animated rotations

SESSION: Augmented & virtual realities

A simple method for light field resampling

Aerial display with thermal and acoustic sensation

AR filming: augmented reality guide for compositing footage in filmmaking

Augmented reality for radiation dose awareness in the catheterization lab

Cinematography tutorials in virtual reality

CleaVR: collaborative layout evaluation and assessment in virtual reality

Cosmetic-vis: sample-based 3D facial editor for cosmetic medical visualization

Effective omnistereo panorama video generation by deformable spheres

GazeSphere: navigating 360-degree-video environments in VR using head rotation and eye gaze

MitsuDomoe: ecosystem simulation of virtual creatures in mixed reality petri dish (2)

Optimized HMD system for underwater VR experience

Portable ambient projection system: build your room projectable space

Retexturing under self-occlusion using hierarchical markers

ReverseCAVE: providing reverse perspectives for sharing VR experience

Swinging 3D lamps: a projection technique to convert a static 2D picture to 3D using wiggle stereoscopy

Telewheelchair: The intelligent electric wheelchair system towards human-machine combined environmental supports

The design of video see-through window for manipulating physical object with head-mounted display

ThermoReality: thermally enriched head mounted displays for virtual reality

Touch-typable VR piano that corrects positional deviation of fingering based on music theory

Visualization of 3D sound field using see-through head mounted display

Visualizing the keyboard in virtual reality for enhancing immersive experience

Walking up virtual stairs based on visuo-haptic interaction

Walking uphill and downhill: redirected walking in the vertical direction

SESSION: Display & rendering

Cos Θ shadows: an integrated model for direct illumination, subsurface scattering and shadow computation

Creation of 3DCG animation using a four-plane depth-fused display

Curvature-aware adaptive capture of 3D geometry and appearance

Dual-layered light field display: maximizing image perceptibility

Generation of omni-directional HDR light probe images based on the intensity distribution model around the sun

Directional occlusion via multi-irradiance mapping

Pixel-based level of detail on hardware tessellated terrain rendering

Real time rendering of realistic surface diffraction with low rank factorisation

Real-time integral photography using a game engine

Rendering curved spacetime in everyday scenes

Second-order occlusion-aware volumetric radiance caching

Semi-dynamic light maps

Toon-chat: a cartoon-masked chat system for children with autism

Touch3D: touchscreen interaction on multiscopic 3D with electrovibration haptics

Transient photon beams

SESSION: Hardware interfaces

Altered touch: miniature haptic display with force, thermal and tactile feedback for augmented haptics

Chinese FingerReader: a wearable device to explore Chinese printed text

MetaLimbs: metamorphosis for multiple arms interaction using artificial limbs

Morpho sculptures: digital fabrication methods of engraving flat materials into shape changing user interfaces

Sonovortex: rendering multi-resolution aerial haptics by aerodynamic vortex and focused ultrasound

Submerged haptics: a 3-DOF fingertip haptic display using miniature 3D printed airbags

SESSION: Production

A gradient mesh tool for non-rectangular gradient meshes

An asynchronous material point method

Analyzing interfaces and workflows for light field editing

Improved chromakey of hair strands via orientation filter convolution

Photon rectify: undistort any footage on the timeline

Procedural feature generation for volumetric terrains

Unphotogenic light: high-speed projection method to prevent secret photography by small cameras

SESSION: Research

A semi-global color correction for underwater image restoration

Accurate geo-localization of low-altitude overhead images from 3D point clouds

Aspect-ratio based triangular mesh smoothing

Attribute-preserving gamut mapping of measured BRDFs

Combining biomechanical and data-driven body surface models

Constellations of movement: an interactive application to visualise research in motor imagery decoding

Continuous photometric compensation for deformable objects

Controllable color particles in a 3D crystal projecting multiple dynamic full-color images

Court-aware volleyball video summarization

Deep learning for action recognition in augmented reality assistance systems

Digital fabrication and manipulation method for underwater display and entertainment

Effects of auditory cues on grasping a virtual object with a bare hand

Escaping specularity: recovering specular-free video sequences from rank-constrained data

Fast back-projection for non-line of sight reconstruction

Lightdrum: surface reflectance measurement on site

Obtuse triangle elimination for isotropic remeshing

Optimized sampling for view interpolation in light fields using local dictionaries

Partial plane sweep volume for deep learning based view synthesis

Practical acquisition of translucent liquids using polarized transmission imaging

Realistic procedural plant modeling guided by 3D point cloud

Simple and accurate geometric correction with multiple projectors

Time series matching for biometric visual passwords