Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

SESSION: The art of production

Bringing Lou to life: a study in creating Lou

Revving up a storm: a talk on creating Jackson storm

The role of hand-drawn animation in Disney's Moana

A fantasy based on reality the art of Final Fantasy XV

SESSION: It's complicated

Evolving complexity management on "the LEGO Batman movie"

From VFX project management to predictive forecasting

Animation collaboration with depth compositing

Rendering the darkness: glimpse on the LEGO Batman movie

SESSION: Effects omelette

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Jedha destruction

Moana: Foundation of a Lava Monster

Moana: geometry based disco ball lighting for tamatoa's lair

Building detailed fractal sets for "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"

SESSION: Game on

Gears of War 4: custom high-end graphics features and performance techniques

HDR TV output and lighting Gears of War 4

Procedural photograph generation from actual gameplay: snapshot AI in FINAL FANTASY XV

Circular separable convolution depth of field

SESSION: Catching light

Automated light probes from capture to render for Peter Rabbit

Masquerade: fine-scale details for head-mounted camera motion capture data

Just-in-time, viable, 3d avatars from scans

Proxy clouds for RGB-D stream processing: an insight

SESSION: I like to move it, move it

Muscle simulation for facial animation in Kong: Skull Island

High performance animation in Gears of War 4

Handling scene constraints for pose-based caching

The eyes have it: comprehensive eye control for animated characters

SESSION: Hair it is!

The art and technology of hair simulation in Disney's Moana

Hairy effects in Trolls

Modeling vellus facial hair from asperity scattering silhouettes

SESSION: The art of visual journeys

Behind the scenes of VFX in the Middle East & Syria: "in art we trust"

SESSION: Wet and wild

The ocean and water pipeline of Disney's Moana

Moana: performing water

The water effects of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales

Racing to the finish line: effects challenges on Cars 3

SESSION: Lite brite

Importance sampling of many lights with adaptive tree splitting

The iray light transport simulation and rendering system

Precomputed multiple scattering for light simulation in participating medium

Double hierarchies for efficient sampling in Monte Carlo rendering

SESSION: It's a material world

Gears of War 4: creating a layered material system for 60fps

DreamWorks fabric shading model: from artist friendly to physically plausible

Fast automatic level of detail for physically-based materials

Designing look-and-feel using generalized crosshatching

SESSION: Making waves

Moana: crashing waves

Production ready MPM simulations

Compact iso-surface representation and compression for fluid phenomena

Localized guided liquid simulations in bifrost


Evolution of AR in Pokémon go

How VR changes the sense of ourselves & reality

A new (virtual) reality at the New York Times

SESSION: Alt. workflows

Director-centric virtual camera production tools for rogue one

Smash and grab: off the rails filmmaking at Pixar

LAIKA's digital big boards

VarCity - the video: the struggles and triumphs of leveraging fundamental research results in a graphics video production

SESSION: Make me a design

Programmable buildings: architecture as an interaction interface powered with programmable matter

Concept through creation: establishing a 3-D design process in the footwear industry

Resynthesizing reality: driving vivid virtual environments from sensor networks

SESSION: Procedural with caution

Interactive environment creation with sprout

A hybrid approach to procedural tree skeletonization

Build your own procedural grooming pipeline

FurCollide: fast, robust, and controllable fur collisions with meshes

SESSION: It's alive! alternative immersions

Field trip to Mars

Dear angelica: breathing life into VR illustrations

Two novel approaches to visualizing internal and external anatomy of the cardiac cycle with a windowed virtual heart model

SESSION: Pipe dreams

Large scale VFX pipelines

Cloudy with a chance of rendering

Flexible pipeline for crowd production

Beyond "cosmos laundromat": blender's open source studio pipeline

SESSION: Realities of VR production

The making of Google earth VR

Building an animation pipeline for VR stories

Visual effects for VR

SESSION: Partly crowdy

Building moana's kakamora barge

PackIT: animating complicated character groups easily

Populating the crowds in Ferdinand

Artist-driven crowd authoring tools

SESSION: Tools of the trade

Optical flow-based face tracking in The Mummy

A new contour method for highly detailed geometry

Lighting up the smurfs enchanted forest

SESSION: Don't be scared - it's only math

Learning light transport the reinforced way

Novel algorithm for sparse and parallel fast sweeping: efficient computation of sparse signed distance fields

Dance motion analysis and editing using hilbert-huang transform

Nature-based hybrid computational geometry system for optimizing the interior structure of aerospace components

SESSION: Physical exe stuff

Optimizing VR for all users through adaptive focus displays

A case study on raytracing-in-the-loop optimization: focal surface displays

Beyond foveal rendering: smart eye-tracking enabled networking (SEEN)

Headset removal for virtual and mixed reality