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ACM SIGGRAPH is managed by a nine-person Executive Committee (EC): three officers (President, Vice President, and Treasurer) and six Directors at Large. Members of the EC are elected by the ACM SIGGRAPH membership and serve three-year terms.

Elections are conducted annually to fill open positions; this process is led by the chair of the Nominations Committee. All officers and directors are required to be members of ACM and ACM SIGGRAPH.

Nominations for the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee may be submitted in July of the year prior to the beginning of the position term. To submit a nomination, contact the ACM SIGGRAPH Nominations Committee Chair.

ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Positions

Current Volunteer Officers, Volunteer Chairs, and Other Directors of ACM SIGGRAPH

Members of the EC are primarily responsible for oversight and strategic planning for ACM SIGGRAPH. EC members also serve as liaisons to the ACM SIGGRAPH Committees. There are approximately 3-4 meetings per year, including the annual SIGGRAPH Conference. Most work is done via email. Average workload is expected to be around 5 hours per week and at a few times, (e.g. when there are meetings), workload will increase.

ACM SIGGRAPH President: The President's major responsibility is to see that initiatives of SIGGRAPH are well managed, and that SIGGRAPH's commitments are met. This position relies heavily on involving other SIGGRAPH leaders, both elected and appointed, to handle a variety of responsibilities.

Specific duties include:

  • Calling and presiding over ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee meetings and SIGGRAPH business meetings
  • Making volunteer appointments and filling vacancies as authorized in the ACM SIGGRAPH bylaws
  • Representing ACM SIGGRAPH at ACM SGB meetings
  • Providing reports and information about ACM SIGGRAPH to the SGB, including the Annual Report
  • Representing ACM SIGGRAPH at the SIG Viability Review (normally every four years)
  • Reviewing member benefits annually
  • Reviewing and approving conferences, ACM SIGGRAPH budgets, travel authorizations, invoice payments, etc

Many of these tasks are delegated to other ACM SIGGRAPH officers on routine matters.

ACM SIGGRAPH Vice President: The principal role of the Vice President is to substitute for the President if the need arises. The Vice President is normally included in all major discussions of ACM SIGGRAPH's long-term goals.

Specific duties include:

  • Attendance at SIGGRAPH Executive Committee meetings
  • Assisting the President in leading and managing SIGGRAPH
  • Presiding at meetings when the President is absent

ACM SIGGRAPH Treasurer: The SIGGRAPH Treasurer has responsibility for overseeing ACM SIGGRAPH's finances. Working with staff from the ACM Finance Office, the ACM SIGGRAPH Treasurer prepares the annual ACM SIGGRAPH budget. The ACM SIGGRAPH treasurer is able to monitor ACM SIGGRAPH's finances through FMRs (Financial Management Reports), which are updated monthly. Generally speaking, the ACM SIGGRAPH Treasurer approves SIGGRAPH's expenditures, unless this responsibility is delegated for a specific activity or program.

Specific duties include:

  • Attendance at ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee meetings
  • Establishing the ACM SIGGRAPH budget for each fiscal year
  • Routinely monitoring income and expenditure reports during the year
  • Providing advice and guidance to other ACM SIGGRAPH leaders in managing finances
  • Consulting with others in ACM SIGGRAPH on budget needs for the coming year

ACM SIGGRAPH Director at Large (6 in total): An ACM SIGGRAPH Director-at-Large is a voting member of the Executive Committee who helps make decisions on behalf of ACM SIGGRAPH.

Specific duties include:

  • Attendance at ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee meetings
  • Voting on important decisions affecting ACM SIGGRAPH operations and membership
  • Participate in committee oversight of the ACM SIGGRAPH newsletter, the ACM SIGGRAPH website and uses of the ACM SIGGRAPH email lists

Types of decisions facing the EC:

  • Benefits ACM SIGGRAPH members will receive
  • Level of the fees for ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Policies for the conferences sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH and in-cooperation with ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Which awards are given by ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Determining the winners of ACM SIGGRAPH awards
  • What programs and projects that ACM SIGGRAPH participates in or underwrites
  • Communication with the ACM SIGGRAPH membership

General expectations for ACM SIGGRAPH EC members:

  • Promoting technical excellence, through taking an active role in the technical community as individuals
  • Providing high-quality technical resources and programs (conferences, newsletters, etc.) within the scope of ACM SIGGRAPH's mission statement
  • Promoting communication and interaction between ACM SIGGRAPH and others in the technical community, both within ACM (chapters, other SIGs) and outside
  • Providing benefits to ACM SIGGRAPH members
  • Overseeing conferences, symposia and workshops, both for technical quality and fiscal soundness
  • Identifying additional benefits for members within the scope and financial resources of ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Promoting and publicizing ACM SIGGRAPH achievements within the membership

Election Timeline

Call for Nominations Posted

Nominations Committee conducts interviews at the annual SIGGRAPH conference

Slate Presented

Candidate Statements Posted

Ballot Posted

Election Results Announced

New EC Members Take Office