Production Sessions Chair


The Production Sessions Chair is responsible for the planning, selection process, scheduling, and producing each production session in cooperation with the relevant studio for the annual conference.  The Production Session Chair works closely with the Computer Animation Festival Chair, Conference Chair, the Conference Event Director, volunteers, and contractors to produce an educational, entertaining, and provocative Production Sessions program.

Recommended Qualifications

  • team player that works well with others 
  • experience with project / fiscal management 
  • deadline-driven; able to organize and respond quickly 
  • able to devote the necessary time 
  • SIGGRAPH technical sessions attendee for several years 
  • diverse professional background/diverse network of contacts 
  • proactive approach to developing well-rounded, interesting program content 
  • participated in past SIGGRAPH Production Sessions as a contributor, juror and/or subcommittee member
  • understands the role of Production Sessions within the SIGGRAPH conference and community

Specific Responsibilities 

The following list is a “high-level” view of the specific responsibilities associated with serving as a Production Sessions Chair. The list is organized under general categories of responsibility. 


  • Participate in strategic planning for the SIGGRAPH Conference 
  • Work with Conference Chair, Event Director, Marketing and Media contractor, and conference committee to develop strategic Productions Sessions for presentation at the SIGGRAPH Conference 
  • Create a strategic direction for the program including technical focus, emphasis areas, and new initiatives 


  • Solicit productions sessions of specific topics from the community 
  • Implement scheduling and logistics within the Production Sessions program 
  • Provide information to presenters regarding technical presentation needs, timing, and requirements 
  • Work with Conference Committee and Contractors to create a presentation schedule for production sessions.
  • Work with contractors to ensure on-site presentation facilities are appropriate 
  • Manage the on-site rehearsals and presentations of production sessions, including management of SV’s to ensure all appropriate agreements are completed and each presenter is prepared for their session.


  • Work with the Conference Chair and Event Director to prepare preliminary and final conference budgets for the Production Sessions program 
  • Manage the Production Sessions budget 


  • Develop the Production Sessions section of the Call for Submissions 
  • Collect publications materials (descriptions, credits, images, etc.) from contributors 
  • Review copies of promotional materials and all publications to ensure accurate production session information 


  • Report regularly to the Conference Chair and Event Director on the status of the program 
  • Facilitate and participate in timely communication with the contributors, and contractors to provide direction and solve problems 
  • Produce a final report by the Wrap Meeting (describing the process, changes from previous years, and lessons learned) 


  • Attend and participate in all required conference committees meetings