Student Volunteer Chair


The SV chair manages a large team of students who support the operational needs of the conference. In the process, these future computer graphics and interactive technique gurus gain valuable professional and personal experiences, are exposed to technology and creative endeavors, and often meet and work with pioneers in the field. The chair works with the committee to implement the selection process, determine volunteer requirements for the various programs, and coordinates the student volunteer activities on-site. The Student Volunteer Chair works closely with the Conference Chair, the Conference Event Director, volunteers, and contractors to create a volunteer program.

 Recommended Qualifications

  • team player who works well with others
  • experience with project / fiscal management
  • able to delegate responsibility and mentor team members as well as the next year’s Student Volunteer Chair
  • deadline-driven; able to organize and respond quickly
  • able to devote the necessary time
  • past SIGGRAPH student volunteer
  • past conference experience with administrative duties as either manager, admin, or subcommittee member of any program
  • committed to supporting meaningful experiences for and contributions by students at the conference
  • service-oriented
  • organizational and interpersonal skills
  • leadership and supervisory experience
  • experience and ability to work well within a large group
  • ability manage large amounts of email!

Specific Responsibilities

The following list is a “high-level” view of the specific responsibilities associated with serving as a Student Volunteer Chair. The list is organized under general categories of responsibility.


  • Participate in strategic planning for the SIGGRAPH Conference
  • Create a strategic direction for the student volunteer program including overall goals and objectives for the program, year-round student activities, and new initiatives


  • Recruit and manage a subcommittee to assist in administering the student volunteer program
  • Work with conference management to organize and implement a thorough student volunteer selection process
  • Work with program chairs to determine student volunteer requirements for different programs
  • Develop a comprehensive on-site schedule for student volunteers
  • Manage the on-site operations of the student volunteer program


  • Work with the Conference Chair and Event Director to prepare preliminary and final conference budgets for the Student Volunteer program
  • Manage the Student Volunteer budget
  • Administer Student Travel Grant and Computer Graphics Pioneers Grant funds Publications
  • Develop the Student Volunteer section of the Call for Participation


  • Report regularly to the Conference Chair and Event Director on the status of the Student Volunteer program
  • Provide other committee chairs direction and instructions for the proper use of student volunteers
  • Facilitate and participate in timely communication with students to provide direction and answer questions
  • Produce a final report by the wrapup meeting (October) describing the Student Volunteer program, changes from previous years, and lessons learned


  • Attend and participate in all conference committees meetings