Conference Advisory Group Chair


The Chair oversees the activities of the Conference Advisory Group (CAG) which provides multi-year policy and procedural oversight for all conference planning. The current CAG Chair is serving from 2022-2025.


The official term would start in January and end in December, three years later. Based on the experience of the incoming CAG Chair, the existing CAG Chair may be asked to stay an additional six months to provide additional guidance.

Functional Description

The CAG is composed of a voting group including the Chair, Conference Chairs N-1, N, N+1, N+2, and up-to-two SIGGRAPH Executive Committee representatives. Non-voting members include the Conference Event Director and Conference Management lead. Staff and invited guests participate in meetings and discussions as needed. The CAG manages conference issues that extend beyond individual conferences and have multi-year impact.

The Chair of the CAG is a volunteer who serves in two major capacities. First, the Chair leads the work of the CAG in carrying out multi-year functions. Second, the Chair serves as a member of the Executive Committee and is the primary communications link between the conference and the Executive Committee.

The CAG Chair is nominated by the CAG and appointed by the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee. The term of appointment to this position is three years with the possibility of one additional year as a non-voting member as the past CAG Chair (six months prior to appointment and six months following appointment). The term of office begins with the new calendar year. Similar to other organization leadership positions, an individual can serve a maximum of two terms in a row. In the event the current CAG Chair is the only candidate, there will still be an interview process with the CAG before a recommendation is made to the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee.

Until August 30, the deadline for anyone interested in the position to apply, the current CAG Chair will be treated as a candidate even if he/she has not applied to be a candidate so that if he/she should decide to pursue the CAG Chair position there would not be any conflict of interest.


  1. Manages the work of the CAG

Works with the Event Director and CAG to organize the agenda and provide backup for each CAG meeting, chairs the meeting, sees that the meeting notes are properly reviewed, archived, and distributed, and tracks meeting action items. The CAG Chair is a full participant in CAG meetings and may vote or make motions.

  • Leads and is accountable for the financial planning for CAG.
  • Leads the implementation of policies as directed by CAG.
  • Leads the multi-year strategic work for the annual SIGGRAPH conference including identifying issues, assembling appropriate groups to address issues and propose strategic directions, reviewing the reports of such groups, leading the discussion of such reports through to a decision by CAG and Executive Committee as appropriate, and seeing that the recommendations as approved are implemented.
  • Leads CAG work in recruiting future conference chairs and participates in the orientation of new conference chairs.
  • Evaluates the work of Conference Administration and other contractors in support of the work of the CAG.
  • Participates in the work of the CAG on the overall support and development of the conference. This includes work such as conference strategic planning, new policy development, managing deviations from policy, setting of fees, resolution of conference issues, and assistance with individual conferences when requested by the conference chair.
  • Provides oversight and keeps abreast of ongoing conference activity (included on conference chair email aliases).
  • For all contracts requiring CAG approval, works with Conference Administration and ACM HQ to see that
    • the contract specifications are appropriate
    • the RFP is developed and reviewed
    • the appropriate bid review group is assembled
    • the bid reviews are done appropriately, and
    • the contract is awarded and written correctly.
  • Assumes primary responsibility for all aspects of leading the contract processes defined above for the Conference Administration contract.
  • Works with the CAG to define viable possible conference cities and oversees the selection process.
  • Participates in the overall evaluation of Conference Administration based on its support of all the conference and CAG projects, and leads the effort to prepare and present an annual overall review of Conference Administration.
  1. Serves as a voting member of the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee and is the primary communications link between the conference and the Executive Committee.
  • Participates in the strategic work of the SIGGRAPH organization.
  • Works as an advocate for the CAG in the preparation of reports and recommendations to Executive Committee on general conference issues that need Executive Committee support or decisions.
  • Reports to CAG on developments and activities of the Executive Committee and the rest of the SIGGRAPH organization.

Is included on the SIGGRAPH Asia (SA) SACAG mail list in order to stay abreast of conference decisions that may affect the SIGGRAPH conference


In order to carry out these functions, the Chair needs to possess certain characteristics.

  • Familiarity with the culture and processes of the annual conference. Having been a conference chair or other previously appointed position to the CAG is desirable.
  • Confidence of the members of CAG.
  • Familiarity with the SIGGRAPH organization.
  • Confidence of the members of Executive Committee.
  • Ability and willingness to devote time as necessary, estimated to average 12-15 hours weekly, to CAG, Conference, Executive Committee or other SIGGRAPH issues.
  • Ability and willingness to commit time and energy to the work of CAG that includes annually attending an average of 10 meetings: three CAG meetings, three  Executive Committee meetings, the annual Executive Committee+CAG strategy meeting, conference committee meetings as deemed appropriate by the CAG, quarterly calls with all paid contractors, the annual conference, and other meetings as necessary.
  • Ability and willingness to reply in a timely fashion, preferably within 24 hours, to all telephone, email, and mail communication on CAG or other SIGGRAPH issues, and to arrange backup on those occasions when this would not be possible.
  • Ability and willingness to communicate with others on issues that are sensitive and controversial.
  • Ability and willingness to help arbitrate disputes within the conference, within the CAG, between the CAG and Executive Committee, and between the conference and community.
  • Willingness to take accountability for the work of CAG.
  • Willingness to support CAG decisions when they do not agree with the CAG Chair’s personal views.
  • Vision and ability to look towards new initiatives and future projects.

Selection Process

The CAG is responsible for identifying and recommending the CAG Chair for Executive Committee approval. It is important to note that it is an open process in which anyone can apply. However, all information concerning who applies, data collected, and all discussions of candidates is kept strictly confidential. The selection process is accomplished in three phases:

Phase 1: Identify and encourage potential CAG Chair candidates

Phase 2: Collect application information from candidates

Phase 3: Evaluate candidates and recommend CAG Chair to Executive Committee for approval

Phase 1: Identification of Candidates

In the year prior to the start of the new CAG Chair term, the CAG posts an open Call for Volunteers for the CAG Chair position via email and on the web site. In addition, the CAG discusses and identifies potential candidates to encourage their application. Potential candidates are identified from previous conference committees, personal knowledge, and recommendations. All individuals who express an interest are encouraged to apply and discuss the CAG Chair responsibilities with CAG members.

Phase 2: Applications

The Event Director will request individuals who have expressed an interest in the CAG Chair position to submit the following information to the Event Director for dissemination:

  • Current resume including relevant SIGGRAPH and related experience
  • Statement of interest to include the following:
    • Self evaluation against CAG Chair Qualifications (listed above)
    • Why they would like to serve in this position
    • What they would like to accomplish as CAG Chair
  • Any other information they would like to provide
  • A list of references

Applications or questions about the application process should be submitted electronically to Marcia Daudelin.

Regular mail should be sent to:

Marcia Daudelin, SIGGRAPH
330 N. Wabash Ave., 20th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611

The next application cycle will open in Summer 2025. The current application process is closed.

Phase 3: Selection

The CAG will evaluate the collected information using the qualifications listed above. Primary candidates will be identified and formally interviewed by the CAG or its designated group. Based on the evaluation and interviews, the CAG will identify a recommended Chair and submit it to the Executive Committee for approval in the fall. All candidates will receive timely feedback on the status of their application.

Activity Timeline

Conference Week (July/August)

Stay at the headquarters hotel. All travel and hotel expenses are covered by the conference. Arrival Thursday prior to the conference and departure Thursday evening or Friday morning after the conference.

Throughout the week:

  • Participate in all conference committee meetings on-site
  • Conduct preliminary conversations with prospective N+3 Conference Chair applicants
  • Talk with potential conference volunteers
  • Talk with SIGGRAPH community luminaries regarding strategic directions
  • Participate in any activity planned to recruit conference volunteers
  • Gather suggestions for improvement from conference contributors and attendees

EC Responsibilities at the Conference:

  • Attend Executive Committee meeting on Friday before the conference
  • Participate in any planned EC activity during the conference


  • Contractor Evaluation meetings (usually in conjunction with the Wrap Up meeting).
  • Attend conference Wrap Meeting (September or October)
  • Compile list of N+3 Conference Chair Applicants; conduct interviews.


  • Attend CAG strategy meeting
  • Finalize selection of any pending contracts (moved from September timeframe)
  • Review attendee survey and Wrap Meeting feedback
  • Make final recommendation to EC for any pending contract processes
  • Update CAG Strategic Plan including Futures
  • Conduct N+3 Conference Chair interviews


  • Attend EC meeting
  • Presentation of N+3 Conference Chair for Executive Committee approval

Final contract selection(s) sent to Executive Committee for approval


  • Attend CAG Budget meeting – prepare final budget for N conference and preliminary budget for N+1
  • Begin work on contractor selection for RFP process for upcoming contracts; review groups are selected
  • Attend EC meeting
  • Presentation of N final and N+1 preliminary budgets for Executive Committee approval
  • Attend N+1 Call for Submission meeting


  • RFPs reviewed by CAG and ACM and sent out to CAG identified potential bidders


  • Extend invitations to RFP bidders to attend the conference
  • Attend CAG meeting
  • Plan for Conference Program Reviews (if any)
  • Recommendations for Executive Committee representative to CAG
  • Attend Executive Committee meeting

Additionally, there are regular phone calls with the Event Director and/or current Conference Chair as needed to discuss any ongoing issues – both conference specific and strategic. Regular email communication is essential, as is a basic familiarity with all issues surrounding the conference and future years. The CAG Chair is on all conference committee aliases. This means that they receive all email for N and N+1 conferences. Additional conference calls and/or meetings are arranged as necessary.

Revised: August 2022