GraphicsNet Chair


The SIGGRAPH GraphicsNet Chair is responsible for the planning and implementation of the on-site networking infrastructure necessary to support the annual conference. The GraphicsNet Chair works closely with the Conference Chair, the Conference Event Director, volunteers, the convention center, and contractors to produce a sophisticated high-speed communication channel that links various programs within the conference both internally together and externally with the Internet.

Recommended Qualifications

  • team player who works well with others
  • experience with project / fiscal management
  • able to delegate responsibility and mentor team members as well as the next year’s GraphicsNet Chair
  • deadline-driven; able to organize and respond quickly
  • able to devote the necessary time
  • solid network design / installation experience
  • ideally, has participated in a past SIGGRAPH as a member of the GraphicsNet committee

Specific Responsibilities

The following list is a “high-level” view of the specific responsibilities associated with serving as a GraphicsNet Chair. The list is organized under general categories of responsibility.


  • Participate in strategic planning for the SIGGRAPH Conference
  • Enhance the strategic direction for the networking infrastructure and develop new technical solutions to meet the requirements of new initiatives


  • Recruit and manage a subcommittee to assist in design, implementation, and support of the network infrastructure
  • Build an infrastructure that meets conference needs within convention center constraints
  • Procure through purchase or donation the necessary equipment and wiring to implement the network
  • Manage the selection of the conference Internet service provider
  • Manage the on-site installation, operations, and teardown of the network
  • Assist contributors and committee chairs with on-site network connections and troubleshooting
  • Work with subcommittee to design, install, and manage an on-site Internet access room for attendees
  • Give top priority to performance, reliability and support during the conference and exhibition week


  • Work with the Conference Chair and Event Director to prepare preliminary and final conference budgets for the network infrastructure
  • Manage the GraphicsNet budget


  • Report regularly to the Conference Chair and Event Director on the progress of network efforts
  • Facilitate and participate in timely communication with the subcommittee, other committee chairs, and contributors to provide direction and solve networking problems
  • Produce a final report by the wrapup meeting in September describing the network process, changes from previous years, and lessons learned


  • Attend and participate in all conference committees meetings
  • Organize and implement effective networking subcommittee meetings as necessary