International Resources Committee

Promoting ACM SIGGRAPH on an international scale, the ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources Committee connects our global community of computer graphics and interactive techniques with both on-site and year-round activities.

As an international organization, the ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources Committee hosts the International Centre at the SIGGRAPH conference.

Our Projects

Year-Long Collaboration

  • Worldwide Collaboration

SIGGRAPH Conferences

  • Multilingual Audio Guides
  • International Center & ACM SIGGRAPH Theater
  • English Review Service
  • Travel Services

Committee Chair

June Kim

International Resources Committee
UNSW Art & Design and University of Sydney
Sydney, Australia
Term: 2019- 2022 (1st term)

Committee Members

Inside SIGGRAPH — International Resources

Go Inside SIGGRAPH for more information on our work to promote, connect and serve the international ACM SIGGRAPH community.