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19 Aug 2017
ACM SIGGRAPH Announces 2017 Election Results
Tags: ACM, acm siggraph, election, Volunteer

ACM SIGGRAPH is pleased to announce the results of their annual elections. This year members voted on candidates for the positions of President, Vice President and Director-at-Large. Voting ran from June15th though August 15th, with the new EC members taking office in September.

The results of the election are as follows:

27 Feb 2017
2017 Election Slate Announced
Tags: acm siggraph, election, Volunteer

The ACM SIGGRAPH election slate for 2017 has been announced. Below are the candidates for the positions of President, Vice President and Director-at-Large. Voting will begin in June, with the new EC members taking office in September.

24 Jun 2016
ACM SIGGRAPH Leadership Positions Open
Tags: acm siggraph, elections, Volunteer

The ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee has three open positions for the next election: President, Vice-President, and Director at Large. The Nominations Committee will be interviewing potential candidates at SIGGRAPH 2016, and will choose a final slate by the beginning of 2017. The election will be held next summer, and the winning candidates will take office September 1, 2017 for a three year term.

31 May 2016
Change a Life: Mentor a Student at SIGGRAPH
Tags: conference, SIGGRAPH, Volunteer

Since 2003, the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee and the ACM SIGGRAPH Pioneers have sponsored the Spend a Week at SIGGRAPH Student Program, which brings high school sophomores and juniors to the the annual SIGGRAPH conference. This year, the two groups are eager to continue the tradition -- but they need your help.

26 Apr 2016
Call for Student Volunteers
Tags: SIGGRAPH Asia, Volunteer

SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 seeks student volunteers to head to Macao, China this December.

Student volunteers at SIGGRAPH Asia can expect to take part in a wide variety of conference programs, connect with computer graphics professionals, access exclusive student volunteer sessions and experience all that SIGGRAPH Asia has to offer with a full conference registration.

Visit the SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 website for more information.

23 Apr 2016
Committee Chair Candidates Sought
Tags: acm siggraph, Volunteer

ACM SIGGRAPH is seeking candidates for the position of chair of each of the following committees: Chapters, Communications, and Digital Arts. The essential responsibilities of each chair are listed below.

31 Mar 2015
Longtime Volunteer Steve Cunningham Passes Away
Tags: Education, In Memoriam, Volunteer

This week, we were greatly saddened to find out that longtime ACM SIGGRAPH volunteer Steve Cunningham passed away. Below is a tribute to Steve from ACM SIGGRAPH Communications Chair Barb Helfer. Steve will be sorely missed.

15 Dec 2014
Spotlight on SIGGRAPH: S3 Provides the Tools for Success
Tags: SIGGRAPH, Student, Volunteer
By Deja Collins, in collaboration with S3 Chair Corinne Price

Editor's note: Spotlight on SIGGRAPH is a recurring feature, established to shed light on the various committees and avenues of volunteering within ACM SIGGRAPH and its annual conferences.

24 Nov 2014
USC Student Chapter to Attend SIGGRAPH 2015 in Force
Tags: chapters, SIGGRAPH, Volunteer

Members of the newly-launched USC ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter are particularly well positioned to volunteer for SIGGRAPH 2015. Literally. The University of Southern California is just two miles from the Los Angeles Convention Center, which will host SIGGRAPH 2015 -- the world's largest international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques -- from August 9 to 13, 2015. 

25 Jul 2014
Volunteers Sought to Review Student Reels
Tags: SIGGRAPH, Student, Volunteer

Walk up to any computer graphics professional at SIGGRAPH and ask about the first time they attended the conference. Odds are good that their earliest experience was as a student volunteer.

30 Apr 2014
Call for ACM SIGGRAPH Committee Chair Nominations
Tags: SIGGRAPH, Volunteer

ACM SIGGRAPH is now accepting nominations by email for the following committee chair positions: Small Conferences Chair and Student Services Chair. Committee Chair terms are three years, beginning on September 1.

11 Apr 2014
Remember to Vote!
Tags: Member, SIGGRAPH, Volunteer

The ACM SIGGRAPH 2014 elections are upon us. If you were a member of ACM SIGGRAPH as of 1 January 2014, you should have received an email with an electronic ballot. Votes may be cast online using the voter ID and password provided in the email.

The slate of candidates is as follows:

15 Dec 2013
SIGGRAPH 2014 Student Volunteer Applications Now Open
Tags: SIGGRAPH, Student, Volunteer

Until February 9, 2014 at 22:00 GMT, applications for student volunteer positions at SIGGRAPH 2014 are open. Volunteering at SIGGRAPH is an excellent way for students to get involved with the conference and network with leaders in their chosen field. When not working, SIGGRAPH 2014 student volunteers have full access to the conference programs and the exhibit hall. 

12 Nov 2013
Tags: Committee, SIGGRAPH, Volunteer

Volunteers are the lifeblood of ACM SIGGRAPH. Not only are both annual SIGGRAPH conferences planned and produced by volunteers, the ACM SIGGRAPH executive committee is itself comprised of volunteers. 

02 Oct 2013
ACM SIGGRAPH Welcomes New Committee Chairs
Tags: Committee, organization, Volunteer

ACM SIGGRAPH is governed and energized by by a large group of people who volunteer their time to further the mission of ACM SIGGRAPH. Committee chairs serve for three-year terms; they are capable, enthusiastic, and committed people who contribute their vision, industry knowledge, and energy. ACM SIGGRAPH would like to introduce and welcome our five new committee chair who took office September 1:

Mashhuda Glencross

Chapters Committee

Loughborough University

Leicestershire, UK

Barb Helfer

Communications Committee

19 Jun 2013
SIGGRAPH 2016 Conference Chair Applicants Sought
Tags: SIGGRAPH, Volunteer

SIGGRAPH is seeking applications for the SIGGRAPH 2016 Conference Chair position. This person leads and inspires a highly energized, multi-talented, and deeply committed team of volunteers and professional service contractors to create, plan, and produce every aspect of the conference and exhibition.

19 Jun 2013
ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee Chair Position Open
Tags: Committee, Volunteer

Candidates sought for position of the Chair of the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee. The ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee works to support computer graphics education as well as the use of computer graphics in education. Computer graphics education encompasses technical, creative, and developmental studies in curricular areas ranging from computer science to digital arts. The Education Committee undertakes a broad range of projects and activities in support of the CG education community, such as curriculum studies, resources for educators, and SIGGRAPH conference-related activities.

07 Apr 2013
Call for Conference Advisory Group (CAG) Chair
Tags: SIGGRAPH, Volunteer

ACM SIGGRAPH invites applications for the ACM SIGGRAPH Conference Advisory Group Chair. The CAG Chair oversees the activities of the Conference Advisory Group, which provides multi-year policy and procedural oversight for all conference planning.

The Chair of the CAG is a volunteer who serves in two major capacities. First, the Chair leads the work of the CAG in carrying out multi-year functions. Second, the Chair serves as a non-voting member of the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee (EC) and is the primary communications link between the conference and the EC.