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04 Aug 2015
Reviewers Needed for Student Reel & Resume Reviews
Tags: conference, SIGGRAPH, Student

Resumes and reels are a constant source of frustration for students and new graduates. What to include? How much? How should it be presented? All are very important questions, and with answers that vary widely depending on the experience level of the applicant, and the position to which they're applying.

Berkeley ACM SIGGRAPH's LAIKA Visit and Reel Review
Tags: chapters, Student

Dave Vandervoort and Anna Kvorning will be coming to visit from LAIKA on March 2nd. This a recruiting event and they will be reviewing reels. An application form for students to send in their work ahead of time is available, as they will be reviewing most of the reels before the event.

20 Feb 2015
Call for Submissions to Faculty-Submitted Student Show
Tags: Graphics, SIGGRAPH, Student

Submission are now open for the Faculty-Submitted Student Work Exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles. Sponsored by the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee, the exhibit will feature work from secondary (high school) students and university students. Submissions from all content areas are welcome, including art, animation, graphic design, game design, architecture, visualization and real-time rendering.

10 Feb 2015
Virtual Reality That Reacts to Your Thoughts
Tags: chapters, Student
By Kristy Barkan

15 Dec 2014
Spotlight on SIGGRAPH: S3 Provides the Tools for Success
Tags: SIGGRAPH, Student, Volunteer
By Deja Collins, in collaboration with S3 Chair Corinne Price

Editor's note: Spotlight on SIGGRAPH is a recurring feature, established to shed light on the various committees and avenues of volunteering within ACM SIGGRAPH and its annual conferences.

25 Jul 2014
Volunteers Sought to Review Student Reels
Tags: SIGGRAPH, Student, Volunteer

Walk up to any computer graphics professional at SIGGRAPH and ask about the first time they attended the conference. Odds are good that their earliest experience was as a student volunteer.

16 Jun 2014
SIGGRAPH Introduces Students to the Wonder of Computing
Tags: Pioneers, SIGGRAPH, Student

According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer science is one of the country's fastest growing occupational fields. By 2020, the BLS estimates there will be 4.2 million computing and IT jobs in the United States alone.

15 Dec 2013
SIGGRAPH 2014 Student Volunteer Applications Now Open
Tags: SIGGRAPH, Student, Volunteer

Until February 9, 2014 at 22:00 GMT, applications for student volunteer positions at SIGGRAPH 2014 are open. Volunteering at SIGGRAPH is an excellent way for students to get involved with the conference and network with leaders in their chosen field. When not working, SIGGRAPH 2014 student volunteers have full access to the conference programs and the exhibit hall. 

26 Feb 2013
Faculty Submitted Student Art Exhibit
Tags: art, Education, Student

The ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee has issued a Call for Participation for the Faculty Submitted Student Art Exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2013. The curated exhibit is open to all faculty working at Secondary/High School through University levels. Please submit images of work by your best students accompanied by the assigned project by June 1, 2013.

The exhibit is open to any content area; art, animation, graphic design, game design, architecture, visualization, etc.