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12 Nov 2013
Tags: Committee, SIGGRAPH, Volunteer

Volunteers are the lifeblood of ACM SIGGRAPH. Not only are both annual SIGGRAPH conferences planned and produced by volunteers, the ACM SIGGRAPH executive committee is itself comprised of volunteers. 

02 Oct 2013
ACM SIGGRAPH Welcomes New Committee Chairs
Tags: Committee, organization, Volunteer

ACM SIGGRAPH is governed and energized by by a large group of people who volunteer their time to further the mission of ACM SIGGRAPH. Committee chairs serve for three-year terms; they are capable, enthusiastic, and committed people who contribute their vision, industry knowledge, and energy. ACM SIGGRAPH would like to introduce and welcome our five new committee chair who took office September 1:

Mashhuda Glencross

Chapters Committee

Loughborough University

Leicestershire, UK

Barb Helfer

Communications Committee

19 Jun 2013
ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee Chair Position Open
Tags: Committee, Volunteer

Candidates sought for position of the Chair of the ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee. The ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee works to support computer graphics education as well as the use of computer graphics in education. Computer graphics education encompasses technical, creative, and developmental studies in curricular areas ranging from computer science to digital arts. The Education Committee undertakes a broad range of projects and activities in support of the CG education community, such as curriculum studies, resources for educators, and SIGGRAPH conference-related activities.