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18 Jun 2018
ACM SIGGRAPH Sunday Workshop: Truth in Images, Videos, and Graphics
Tags: acm siggraph, Technologies, workshop

ACM SIGGRAPH Workshop: Truth in Images, Videos, and Graphics

Organizers: Irfan Essa, Chris Bregler, Hany Farid

18 Jun 2018
ACM SIGGRAPH Sunday Workshop: Grand Challenges in Chronic Healthcare
Tags: acm siggraph, health, workshop

ACM SIGGRAPH Workshop:  Grand Challenges in Chronic Healthcare

Organizer: Evan Hirsch

18 Jun 2018
ACM SIGGRAPH Sunday Workshop: Computer Graphics for Autonomous Driving Applications
Tags: acm siggraph, Autonomous Driving, workshop

ACM SIGGRAPH Workshop: Computer Graphics for Autonomous Driving Applications

Organizers: Antonio M. López, José A. Iglesias-Guitián

18 Jun 2018
Please Vote!
Tags: acm siggraph, election, vote

Please Vote!

ACM SIGGRAPH needs your help electing members of the Executive Committee. This election will fill the role of Treasurer as well as two Directors At Large. It also includes important Bylaw changes. 

Each candidate on the ballot has authored a position statement explaining their vision of what they hope to accomplish as member of the EC.  Reviewing these statements and exploring member profiles will be useful in making informed decisions. Learn about the candidates and the Bylaw changes and cast your vote before 16:00 UTC 15 August 2018!

15 Jun 2018
Meet the ACM SIGGRAPH Candidates
Tags: acm siggraph, election, vote

The ACM SIGGRAPH election window is now open and will remain open until August 15, 2018.  There are two races being held, one for Treasurer and the other for Director At Large in which the top two candidate will be elected.  Those elected will be starting their terms September 1, 2018. 

21 May 2018
SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 receives strong interest from the industry
Tags: acm siggraph, conference, SIGGRAPH Asia

SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 receives strong interest from the industry

21 May 2018
Umbilici Bracelets, the SIGGRAPH Fellows Award
Tags: acm siggraph, Awards, interactive techniques

Umbilici Bracelets, the SIGGRAPH Fellows Award
by Alyn Rockwood

“And the primal became two”  - I Ching.

The two bracelets, emblems of Art and Technology, are duals.  Art is an organic shape with a heart-shaped cross-section. It undulates and breathes. The sleeker Technology has a triangular cross-section.  Linked together, the two bracelets represent the bond between these two human endeavors.  They also gear one another;  rolling one bracelet will turn the other.

07 May 2018
ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community presents Designing Knowledge
Tags: acm siggraph, art, Online Exhibition

Designing Knowledge is a 2018 ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community online exhibition. The exhibition seeks to showcase online digital repositories, archives and applications that make use of new media, art and design, and computer graphics to enable the creation, dissemination and preservation of new knowledge in areas such as archaeology, anthropology, art history, cultural heritage, all areas of geography, cartography, information and library studies, history, literary studies and museology.

06 May 2018
Special Election for ACM SIGGRAPH Bylaw Amendment
Tags: acm siggraph, Bylaws, elections

The first major change is that all elected positions will be director positions and ACM SIGGRAPH’s officers will no longer be elected to specific positions through member elections. Every year, after the new EC takes office, it will select new officers from within the EC to serve one-year terms. The officers will be the Chair, Chair-Elect, Treasurer, and Treasurer-Elect. The Chair-Elect will become the Chair and the Treasurer-Elect will become the Treasurer after the next election.

27 Mar 2018
Seeking Nominations for Chairs of Education and Information Services
Tags: acm siggraph, Chair, Nominations

ACM SIGGRAPH is seeking nominations for the Chair of the Education Committee and the Chair of the Information Services Committee.  Applications are due May 1, 2018.

20 Mar 2018
ACM SIGGRAPH Thanks Longtime Volunteer, Scott Owen
Tags: ACM, acm siggraph, SIGGRAPH Volunteer

ACM SIGGRAPH Membership,

I’d like to take a moment to thank one of our longstanding ACM SIGGRAPH members—Scott Owen, who has recently ended his tenure as Nominations Committee Chair in February. Scott will continue on as part of the Executive Committee Strategy Team and will be chairing the Governance Committee.

07 Dec 2017
Nominations: 2018 SIGGRAPH Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art
Tags: acm siggraph, art, Awards

Call for Nominations: 2018 SIGGRAPH Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art.

The deadline of 15 December 2016 is fast approaching. Time to submit your nominations for the award through the ACM SIGGRAPH website! Do not assume that someone else is nominating your choice for the award – so take some action now!

31 Aug 2017
ACM SIGGRAPH Launches New Strategy
Tags: acm siggraph, membership, news, Strategic

In this changing world, ACM SIGGRAPH requires a new and bolder vision. In response to this need, the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee (EC) commissioned a diverse cross-discipline team to develop an overarching five year strategic initiative to ensure our organization and community remain relevant and continues to be recognized as the premier global organization for computer graphics and interactive techniques.

19 Aug 2017
ACM SIGGRAPH Announces 2017 Election Results
Tags: ACM, acm siggraph, election, Volunteer

ACM SIGGRAPH is pleased to announce the results of their annual elections. This year members voted on candidates for the positions of President, Vice President and Director-at-Large. Voting ran from June15th though August 15th, with the new EC members taking office in September.

The results of the election are as follows:

29 Jun 2017
Don't Forget to Vote!
Tags: acm siggraph, elections

On June 15, members of ACM SIGGRAPH who were in good standing as of May 31, 2017 were sent voting information in an email message or letter from Election Services Corporation (ESC). If ACM does not have an email address on file, members will receive voting information via postal mail. Members also have the option of requesting a paper ballot. If you have not received an email from ESC, please contact them at acmsiggraph@electionservicescorp.com or toll-free at 1-866-720-4357.

28 Jul 2017
Women in Computing: ACM SIGGRAPH Meets ACM-W
Tags: acm siggraph, acm-w, international

By Aruquia Peixoto. Edited by Jessica Sommerville and Diana Arellano.

26 Jul 2017
2017 ACM SIGGRAPH Award Winners Announced
Tags: acm siggraph, Awards, SIGGRAPH

The ACM SIGGRAPH Awards program recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the computer graphics community through their research, teaching, service, or writing. This year, ACM SIGGRAPH will recognize six individuals whose impressive achievements have more than earned them the awards they'll accept onstage at SIGGRAPH 2017.

01 Jun 2017
ACM SIGGRAPH Seeks Leadership Candidates
Tags: acm siggraph, elections

ACM SIGGRAPH is seeking candidates for four high-level leadership positions in the organization: Treasurer, Director at Large, Chair of the Specialized Conference Committee, and Chair of the Student Services Committee.

27 Feb 2017
2017 Election Slate Announced
Tags: acm siggraph, election, Volunteer

The ACM SIGGRAPH election slate for 2017 has been announced. Below are the candidates for the positions of President, Vice President and Director-at-Large. Voting will begin in June, with the new EC members taking office in September.

21 Feb 2017
ACM SIGGRAPH Seeks Input on Future Direction of Organization and Conference
Tags: acm siggraph, membership, organization

The ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee is reaching out to the computer graphics and interactive techniques community for input on the future of both the SIGGRAPH conference and organization. You can help shape its future by taking a short, six-question survey to share your opinion: http://svy.mk/2jyEwwE.