Organizing a Conference

Conference organizers are urged to read the ACM SIGGRAPH Specialized Conferences Handbook and refer to the ACM web site for additional information and submission forms.

Basic Requirements

A request for In-Cooperation, Sponsored, or Co-Sponsored status is administered by ACM and must be approved by the ACM SIGGRAPH Specialized Conferences Committee (SCC). The basic requirements for In-Cooperation or Sponsored status are as follows:

  1. Conferences must be not-for profit academic conferences. Usually, submitted papers are refereed, and the program chair and committee make publication decisions.
  2. Publications must be related to computer graphics or human-computer interaction, or an area that is interesting to a reasonable number of ACM SIGGRAPH members.
  3. For Sponsored or Co-Sponsored Events, Proceedings should be made available via the ACM Digital Library or, in the case of events in conjunction with a sister society such as Eurographics, referenced from the ACM Digital Library. Any specialized conference may also request to participate in the Open Access program.
  4. After the event, organizers of sponsored or co-sponsored events must provide a financial summary to ACM and ACM SIGGRAPH.
  5. ACM SIGGRAPH and ACM members receive a discounted registration fee.

The complete list of requirements can be found in the ACM Conference Manual.


After an event has obtained approval from ACM SIGGRAPH, the conference may promote that it is in-cooperation with or sponsored or co-sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH in all its publicity. And:

  • The ACM SIGGRAPH logo may be used in the conference web site and promotional materials.
  • ACM SIGGRAPH will promote the event in its Calendar of Events.
  • ACM SIGGRAPH will promote the conference to all ACM SIGGRAPH members in Interactions, the monthly e-newsletter to members.

For additional information on Specialized Conferences, contact the Specialized Conferences Committee Chair.

Requesting Status for an In-Cooperation Conference

In-cooperation status can be requested at

Requesting Support for a Sponsored Conference

For a sponsored or co-sponsored event please submit a Preliminary Approval Form (PAF) at least 18 months before the conference starts. A PAF once approved locks in your dates and gets your event into the ACM system.

If you have an approved PAF then the next thing you need to do is submit the Technical Meeting Request Forms (TMRF). For sponsored or co-sponsored event once your TMRF is approved, then ACM can start paying bills, booking etc. things for the conference. Do not start committing or spending any money until your TMRF is approved.

Even for conferences which have been sponsored or co-sponsored before, getting a PAF or TMRF approved can be one of the greatest sources of frustration. To avoid such frustration, complete these as early as possible and get help from a mentor (eg. your steering committee chair or past conference chair).