ACM SIGGRAPH is pleased to announce that open access links to conference proceedings from SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia will now be available to the public at no cost, beginning two weeks before each conference and running for four weeks. During this period, conference proceedings may be accessed by members and non-members alike, through the ACM Digital Library.

This year, after the conclusion of each conference (SIGGRAPH 2013 and SIGGRAPH Asia 2013), the ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) conference proceedings will continue to be available to the public at no cost until the commencement of the next year's conference. These proceedings can be accessed through special open access links available only on

Beginning in 2014, the SIGGRAPH one-year open access program will expand to include not only the ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) conference proceedings, but all of the conference content.

Visit the ACM Transactions on Graphics SIGGRAPH 2013 open-access page now to view and download the technical papers from SIGGRAPH 2013.

Conference proceedings from years prior to 2013 are available in the ACM Digital Library, to which ACM SIGGRAPH members have unlimited access. Join ACM SIGGRAPH now to unlock access to thousands of technical papers, conference proceedings and media files detailing the latest advances in computer graphics and interactive techniques.