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ACM SIGGRAPH is a global non-profit, volunteer organization defined by SIGGRAPH people and their attributes: EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY, PASSION, VOLUNTEERISM and CROSS-DISCIPLINARY INTERACTION. Our programs serve the various parts of the SIGGRAPH community, reach out to other communities, and benefit all of us by promoting contact and information exchange. If you are a SIGGRAPH person, please consider joining and/or volunteering for an ACM SIGGRAPH-sponsored conference, chapter, or event.

Looking for information on your current ACM SIGGRAPH membership, such as expiry date or renewal options? Visit the ACM website and log in with your ACM SIGGRAPH username and password.

Membership Benefits

  • ACM Digital Library icon

    #1: Login credentials for ACM Digital Library

    ACM SIGGRAPH members receive log in credentials for the SIGGRAPH portion of the ACM Digital Library (including complete documentation for many SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia programs).

  • EuroGraphics icon

    #2: Discounts on Conference Registrations

    ACM SIGGRAPH members receive discounts on SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia, and Eurographics conference registrations.

  • Conference Exhibitor icon

    #3: Conference Exhibitor Product Discounts

    ACM SIGGRAPH members receive substantial discounts on the industry's hottest products from SIGGRAPH exhibitors during and after each SIGGRAPH conference.

  • Discounts icon

    #4: Discounts on Publications and Videos

    ACM SIGGRAPH members qualify for discounts on ACM SIGGRAPH publications and videos.

  • Email icon

    #5: SIGGRAPH Email Address

    ACM SIGGRAPH members may request a siggraph.org email address.

  • Interactions newsletter icon

    #6: Interactions Email Newsletter

    Keep up to date on ACM SIGGRAPH news and events. ACM SIGGRAPH members receive Interactions each month in their email inbox.

Membership Plans (Annual)

ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Membership

Our standard membership. Join our community of 8,000+ members worldwide.


Students receive a discounted membership. Learn more about Student Services.


An earned member category. Learn more about qualifying for a Pioneer membership.

ACM SIGGRAPH Eurographics

Members of Eurographics, the Europe-wide professional computer graphics association, qualify for a discounted membership to ACM SIGGRAPH.

There are two ways to start your ACM SIGGRAPH membership. Sign up online or via mail or fax. The ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH) promotes the generation and dissemination of information on computer graphics and interactive techniques. Everyone is welcome to apply for membership, but most members include researchers, developers and users from the technical, academic, business, and artistic communities.

ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter Membership

Add membership in an ACM SIGGRAPH Chapter in your area to enjoy the SIGGRAPH community year-round in real time. ACM SIGGRAPH membership benefits do not apply to those who are members of a chapter only.


ACM Membership

Become a member of ACM, the parent organization of ACM SIGGRAPH. ACM sponsors several Special Interest Groups (SIGs), of which SIGGRAPH is one.