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augmented reality

Augmented Reality Sandbox

Earth science visualization meets augmented reality with this innovative project from UC Davis researchers. Using free and adapted technology, the AR Sandbox project turns a simple sandbox into a colorful geologic playground.

AR Sandbox: Cutting-Edge Earth Science Visualization
By Kristy Barkan

There are few kids who don't see the appeal in building and smashing piles of sand. But when such destruction results in real-time changes to a topographic map filled with lakes of virtual water, it becomes something more than just play. It becomes science.

Manipulate Reality at SIGGRAPH, Win an Oculus Dev Kit

A remarkable window of opportunity for augmented reality and virtual reality developers is rapidly coming to a close. Wednesday, June 25 at 22:00 UTC/GMT is the final cutoff for submissions to the SIGGRAPH 2014 AR/VR contest -- the spoils of which include a flurry of attention for the top entries and Oculus DK2 headsets for each of the three finalists.

The Future Looks Bright for Augmented Reality

By Pritham Marupaka

With the advent of social networks, smartphones and increasingly powerful web services, our digital existence has grown immensely in recent years. From shopping to attending a conference call, technology enables us to connect with the people and resources we need in a matter of seconds. Though we’re more connected than ever before, there has always been a line between our virtual presence and our real existence. Augmented reality (AR) technology aims to blur that line, if not erase it completely.