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Listing of ACM SIGGRAPH conferences, affiliated or co-sponsored events, and chapter events.

27 to 29

Fifth International Symposium On Communicability, Computer Graphics And Innovative Design For Interactive Systems

Madrid, Spain

31 to 5
SID Display Week 2015

Society for Information Display's Display Week 2015

San Jose, California, USA

8 to 12
WSCG 2015

International Conferences in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision

Plzen, Czech Republic

Digital Library Selections

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Real-time 3D reconstruction at scale using voxel hashing

This paper from SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 presents an online system for large and fine scale volumetric reconstruction based on a memory and speed-efficient data structure.

Efficient elasticity for character skinning with contact and collisions

This paper from SIGGRAPH 2011 presents an algorithm for near-interactive simulation of skeleton driven, high-resolution elasticity models.

Bilateral texture filtering

This paper from SIGGRAPH 2014 presents a novel structure-preserving image decomposition operator.

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