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SIGGRAPH 2014 Electronic Theater Showing

Computer Animation Festival Screening from SIGGRAPH 2014

Los Angeles, CA, USA

22 to 26
Spark 2014

Animation Festival

Vancouver, Canada

23 to 26
DC Expo 2014

Digital Content Expo

Tokyo, Japan

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The LEGO movie: construction, animation and demolition

This SIGGRAPH 2014 talk examines the computer graphics of The LEGO Movie, brick by brick.

Attention-aware rendering, mobile graphics and games

This SIGGRAPH 2014 course delves into attention-aware rendering and design for computer graphics, mobile devices and games.

Controllable High-fidelity Facial Performance Transfer

This paper introduces a novel facial expression technique that transfers high-fidelity facial animation data from a source facial model to a target facial model while allowing the user to control and edit the retargeted animation.

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