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Tags: conference, Imaging, robotics

Among other things, RDINIDR 2017 will address the future of computer science, robotics, and the interfaces and users of future interactive systems and hardware.

Tags: conference, Imaging, robotics

Many conferences are focused on specific aspects of informatics, multimedia communication, education, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc., and bring together leading experts in a particular field or sometimes on a specific technology. At such large conferences students are often marginalized or relegated to poster sessions, for instance. The ALAIPO and AInCI conferences, workshops, symposiums, etc., are not a very big scale and aim to promote dialog between established professors and graduate students working on new directions.

Tags: conference, Imaging, robotics

In the last years, a myriad of notions stemming from the sciences have been used in an incorrect way for mercantilist purposes. We have an example in the wide context of the user experience design, human-robot interaction, human-computer interaction, human-computer communication, human-computer interfaces, etc. with the notion of interdisciplinarity when in fact there are cases in which we should speak of transdisciplinarity or multidisciplinarity. Evidently three notions which are not synonymous between themselves.