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ACM SIGGRAPH Standing Committee Responsibilities

Promote, plan, and facilitate the full integration of chapter activities into ACM SIGGRAPH while identifying and facilitating the flow of additional ACM SIGGRAPH benefits to chapters. Provide a link for communication with ACM on technical issues. Ensure compliance with all relevant policies and procedures.

Communications & Membership
Recommend and implement appropriate communication channels for the organization and its constituents. Design and supervise ACM SIGGRAPH web presence and other communications. Oversee the SIGGRAPH Village at the conferences.

Digital Arts
Foster the evolution of a strong year-round digital arts community within the international organization and promote a dialogue between visual artists and the larger SIGGRAPH community.

Shift focus and emphasis from traditional support of educators in computer graphics to professional development platforms, delivery channels, and topic areas for the ACM SIGGRAPH community. Develop offerings that build on existing content and/or new content that could be delivered year-round.

External Relations
Facilitate agreements between ACM SIGGRAPH and other related organizations and conferences around the world.

Information Services
Provide information services support to the ACM SIGGRAPH community. Manage the organization's server infrastructure (software/hardware). Work with the ACM IS team as needed on items of local (ACM SIGGRAPH) and global (ACM) issues.

Oversee ACM SIGGRAPH committee chair nominations.

Document the content presented at ACM SIGGRAPH-sponsored events, using channels that are efficient and cost-effective. Work with ACM Publications Board as new situations arise and on items with broader implications.

Specialized Conferences
In addition to the traditional role of approving and monitoring specialized conferences, identify and implement better integration of event awareness and outputs (enduring material/content) from events to broader community. Collaborate with the main conferences, chapters, and professional development activities.

Student Services
Plan, develop, and facilitate activities that integrate students into the ACM SIGGRAPH community. Provide demonstrable value to student members throughout the year.

Standing Committee Chairs

When a committee chair position is open, the position opening is posted on the web site. The Nominations Committee reviews applicants, consults with the existing committee, and makes a recommendation to the Executive Committee. In addition to its recommendation, the Nominations Committee provides the Executive Committee with the names and application materials of all those who applied for the position. Committee Chairs must be members of ACM SIGGRAPH.

The timeline for this process is:

1-30 April: Call for Nominations Open
1-15 May: Review by Nominations Committee
15 May: Recommendation to EC

1 June: New Chair(s) Announced

Standing Chair Terms

Committee chair terms are three years, beginning on 1 September. Nominations for open chair positions will accepted by the Nominations Chair until May 1 of the year the term in question ends. Chairs are eligible to run for succeeding terms. There are no term limits for committee chair positions. If a committee chair is unable to complete the three-year term, a replacement will be appointed by a majority vote of the EC to fill out the remaining term.

If you would like to devote some of your time and energy to one of these committees, please review the committee charge and description, and fill out the organization volunteer form. Good volunteers are always welcome.