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Rights Form Explainer


Authors who have content accepted for presentation at an ACM-sponsored event must complete the ACM Rights Form. This form defines the terms under which the author can participate in the event, and defines what ACM can and cannot do with the content and its documentation. This document will, hopefully, provide answers to commonly-asked questions about the ACM Rights Form.

Glossary of Terms

Before we begin, it would be best to provide the definition of certain key terms used throughout this document.

  • Content: The work you are presenting at the ACM-sponsored event. The research project you've been working on, the animated film, the VR presentation, and so on.
  • Documentation: Your writeup of the content. A full-length or short paper, two-page abstract, or other written documents.
  • In-person Presentation: When you get up on a stage and talk about your research project, or animated film, or present your course.