The ACM SIGGRAPH Nominating Committee has proposed the following candidates for the 2019 ACM SIGGRAPH election and voting will begin on 14 June 2019 for all members in good standing:



  • Elizabeth Baron, Founder of Immersionary Enterprises (formerly Immersive Realities Technical Specialist, Ford Motor Company)
  • Mona Kasra, University of Virginia


To be a member in good standing, a person needs to be an ACM SIGGRAPH Member as of 31 May 2019.  Membership to ACM SIGGRAPH can be obtained online and through the myACM portal.

This is the first voting cycle for the new bylaw changes voted in by the ACM SIGGRAPH Membership last year.  Those new bylaw changes are as follows:

  • All elected positions will be director positions and ACM SIGGRAPH officers will no longer be elected to specific positions through member elections. Every year, after the new Executive Committee (EC) takes office, it will select new officers from within the EC to serve one-year terms. Those officer positions will be Chair, Chair-Elect, Treasurer, and Treasurer-Elect. The Chair-Elect will become the Chair and the Treasurer-Elect will become the Treasurer after the next election. Electing officers to Chair, Chair-Elect, etc., will go into effect after the current president, Jessica Hodgins, completes her term on August 31, 2020.
  • The EC can now appoint up to three voting members to its rank. This change allows the EC to increase representation from core constituencies, as needed, and allows key volunteers to make decisions for the organization. Marc Barr, the current Conference Advisory Group Chair, was appointed to one of these slots and now has full participation on the EC to better reflect his role in the organization.
  • Finally, the third major change, enables members to elect directors to specific positions. For example, if three director positions are open in a given election — as is the case this year — the voters are to be presented with at least two candidates for each position, i.e., position A, position B, and position C. This change helps the Nominating Committee to achieve increased diversity in skillset, area of expertise, and geography.