ACM SIGGRAPH's Digital Art Community is now accepting submissions to its upcoming art show: "Enhanced Vision – Digital Video." The show will be an online international survey of today's most exciting and innovative digitally-enhanced video art works.

The creators of the show describe it as follows:

"Enhanced Vision – Digital Video will focus on digital methodologies that enhance the moving image, and how these effects can reveal specific meaning and content. Each work selected will bring its own unique, artistic style to reveal socially significant issues.
"Video has experienced a long and celebrated history that has developed technically, as well as with critical, social, and culturally important development. Our belief is that video and computer/digital technology have merged seamlessly: what once was considered pure video art and what was once simply known as "computer graphics" now often intertwine.
"Digitally enhanced video, using open source, individually coded, or commercial software, has the capability to reveal what the camera alone cannot capture. The resulting enhanced video reveals inventive ways of expressing significant, socially relevant ideas that bring what otherwise would not be possible to online audiences."

The application to submit work for consideration is free of charge, and no royalty will be paid for the inclusion the work in the exhibition. For more information on the show and submission requirements, including a link to the online submission form, visit the Enhanced Vision – Digital Video call for submissions.