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Call for Submissions: Enhanced Vision - Digital Video


Enhanced Vision - Digital Video will be an online international survey of today's most exciting and innovative digitally-enhanced video art works, presented by the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Art Community (DAC)

Online Application

Click here for the
Online application form

Submission Deadline

Please submit work by
December 10, 2014

An OPEN CALL for Video Work

The application is free of charge, and no royalty will be paid for the inclusion the work in the exhibition.

Video and software art specialists will review works submitted and announce artists selected for inclusion and exhibition online, from Spring 2015. Approximately 30 video art works will be selected for online exhibition on the main ACM SIGGRAPH arts site.

Digital Methodology

Enhanced Vision - Digital Video will focus on digital methodologies that enhance the moving image, and how these effects can reveal specific meaning and content. Each work selected will bring its own unique, artistic style to reveal socially significant issues.

Video has experienced a long and celebrated history that has developed technically, as well as with critical, social, and culturally important development. Our belief is that video and computer/digital technology have merged seamlessly: what once was considered pure video art and what was once simply known as "computer graphics" now often intertwine.

Digitally enhanced video, using open source, individually coded, or commercial software, has the capability to reveal what the camera alone cannot capture. The resulting enhanced video reveals inventive ways of expressing significant, socially relevant ideas that bring what otherwise would not be possible to online audiences.

Exhibition Guidelines

Works accepted must have been created between: 2009-2014.
Works should be 10 minutes (or less) in length.
All music, as well as images used (such as film segments or off-air television) must be clear of copyright restrictions. Proof of permission will be required.

Please evaluate your own work in advance of submitting. The following are some examples of the types of work that will be included:

  • It reveals a normally "invisible" aspect of the visual scene.
  • It creates a metaphoric interpretation from the natural world.
  • It is a visual interpretation of a socially engaged or politically charged event.
  • It observes that which is an otherwise obscured scene.

Selections will generally be considered "video" rather than "computer art" (although the boundaries may be very blurred) and can use a variety of approaches including time-based animation programs, special effects, innovative graphics and visual effects.
Your work will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • The content is the key. Selected works will employ digital effects not for their own sake, but because without the digital augmentation the work would be incomplete.
  • The work uses digital graphics in a manner appropriate to the subject of the work.
  • Works can be silent, but when sound is used, it should augment the message and be original.
  • The use of stock footage and off-air material will be subject to copyright free/rights clearance. Copyright is an issue and no works that have copyright restrictions will be accepted for review.


Membership in the ACM SIGGRAPH DAC is not required, but is encouraged.
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