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"Welcome to The Bridge
We're here.
We've reached The Bridge.
Now Lets Cross.

"Bridges have come to serve as a metaphors for meeting challenges, moving forward, overcoming obstacles, or adjusting to change. Each person approaches a bridge with a different mindset. Some are indifferent, some approach with hesitation and fear of the unknown, others are attracted to the mystery and meet the challenge head on. Still others prefer not to think about how or why until the time time comes when they must: 'We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.'So the saying goes."

"Go ahead, do it...
steady now, go forward...
The Bridge

excerpts from The Bridge Chair

A-F list

Patricia Galvis Assmu pg. 4 La Monalisa Chibcha
John Berg pg. 2 Life Journey
Paul Badger pg. 2 Information Superhighway
Natalie Bookchin pg. 3 Databank of the Everyday
Gerald L. Cannon pg. 5 The Excessive Image
John Canny pg. 4 Legal Tender
Anna Maria Chupa pg. 3 Altar
Charles Csuri pg. 1 Goldenmask & Ritual Dace
Joeseph DeLappe pg. 2 Masterbatory Interactant
Steve Davis pg. 4 American Album
Ken Gonzales Day pg. 4 Bone-Grass Boy: The Secret Banks of the Conejos River
Paul Debevec pg. 3 Rouen Revisited
William Jeffery Dimattia pg. 5 Soporiic Souls: Sacrifices of the Holocaust Rediscovered
Judith Donath pg. 4 Legal Tender
Masaki Fujihata pg. 3 Beyond Pages
pg. 3 Global Interior Project: Networked Multi-User Virtual Enviroment Project

G-O list

Gregory P. Garvey pg. 3 The Smart Stall
Sam Geghardt pg. 5 St. Agnes and the Burning Train
Kevin Geiger pg. 1 Interface
Phillip George pg. 5 Mnemonic Notations
Madge Gleeson pg. 5 Frequent Flyer & Endangered Species
Ken Goldberg pg. 4 Legal Tender
Yun-Kyung Huh pg. 5 Untitled I & Untitled II
Haruo Ishii pg. 4 Wall
Eduardo Kac pg. 3 Teleporting an Unknown State
pg. 3 Internet Hybrids and the New Aesthetics of Worldwide Interactive Events
Yoichiro Kawaguchi pg. 5 Cellular
Liz Lee pg. 4 What Kind of Pictures Do You Take?
Goland Levin pg. 3 Rouen Revisited
Jacquelyn Martino pg. 4 Without a Special Object of Worship
Ante Magzan pg. 2 Come In...
Christine Meierhofer pg. 3 Pretty Good Privacy
Laurent Mignonneau pg. 2 Intro Act & MIC Exploration Space
Christian Moller pg. 1 Mozart's Piano Fugue, Opus 154 "A Musical Score Lent Acoustic Form"
pg. 1 The Third Dimension of "Ritratto di Getiluomo"

P-Z list

Nancy Paterson pg. 1 The Meadow
Mark Pauline pg. 4 Legal Tender
Eric Paulos pg. 4 Legal Tender
Elsa Prochazka pg. 1 Mozart's Piano Fugue, Opus 154 "A Musical Score Lent Acoustic Form"
Daniel J. Sandin pg. 1 Neither Here Nor There
Andrew Scott pg. 1 Middle Passage
Maurizio Seracini pg. 1 The Third Dimension of "Ritratto di Getiluomo"
Moon Hwa Seun pg. 1 Interface
Christa Sommerer pg. 2 Intro Act & MIC Exploration Space
Christine Tamblyn pg. 2 Mistaken Identities
Victoria Vesna pg. 2 Bodies INCorporated
Theo Waddell pg. 1 Interface
Ralph Wayment pg. 5 Mnemonic Notations

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