The SIGGRAPH 2000 Art Gallery showcases the best digital work being created, produced, and performed at the beginning of the millennium, in all its diversity.

Artwork for SIGGRAPH 2000 will inspire, provoke, and engage the wider SIGGRAPH community in exploring ideas of bodies and technology. Just as the mechanically curious might take apart an engine to seehow it works, artists often dissect and reassemble culture in innovative and enlightening ways. Ways that enable us to think, feel, and view our everyday experiences again. Through new eyes. Beyond our ordinary bandwidth.

The Art Gallery committee looked for original work that explored new connections between mind and body, the human and the technological, the aesthetic and critical. Works that provoke, challenge, and enable us to re-experience, re-examine and make sense of our bodies, our technologies and our culture.

Diane Gromala
SIGGRAPH 2000 Art Gallery Chair