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28 July – 1 August
Denver, USA

The Premier Conference & Exhibition on Computer Graphics & Interactive Techniques.

SIGGRAPH Asia 2024

3-6 December
Tokyo, Japan

The 17th ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia.

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Volunteer Programmer Opportunity

The ACM SIGGRAPH Archive team is looking for a volunteer web programmer to join the SIGGRAPH History Archives team.  This is an excellent opportunity to work on an exciting project that has world-wide exposure.  The programming involves: Coding using PHP,...

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Split-Lohmann Multifocal Displays

Yingsi Qin, Wei-Yu Chen, Matthew O’Toole, and Aswin C. Sankaranarayanan

3D Gaussian Splatting for Real-Time Radiance Field Rendering

Bernhard Kerbl, Georgios Kopanas, Thomas Leimkuehler, George Drettakis

Differentiable Stripe Patterns for Inverse Design of Structured Surfaces

Juan Sebastian Montes Maestre, Yinwei Du, Ronan Hinchet, Stelian Coros, Bernhard Thomaszewski

Differentiable Optimal Control for Retargeting Motions onto Legged Robots

Ruben Grandia, Farbod Farshidian, Espen Knoop, Christian Schumacher, Marco Hutter, and Moritz Bächer

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